Tourist Guide Part I

I would like to represent my character “thyrene” as the newest Tourist Guide on WYD Global. Hope you enjoy my blog guys 🙂

Armia Town

is the place where the New Born Warriors are hidden themselves with the hope or re-rising to recompense one final battle. These highly-trained and decent warriors symbolize the last great hope of mankind. They will do battle to the bitter end.

thyrene is one of the warriors where she is trying to become one of the greatest warrior to fight against evil.

Me and NPC Aki

Meet Aki, He is one of the most important NPC in Armia town because most of the high level characters go to Aki in any server to conduct water M share and sometimes water N share. He sells potions, fire crackers and many more. So player’s that is new to WYD global, meet this precious NPC in Armia Town!

Me and NPC Ability Master

Ok here we go; I am beside NPC AbilityMater, what’s her talent? She is the one who can reset your Built Status when you have ruined your stats. Take note that she will ask if you want to proceed to her, you must pay 10 sapphires for every successful reset of your stats. 100 stats will be reset for every 10 sapphires in your  Str(Strength), Dex(Dexterity), Int(Intelligence) and Con(Constitution).

Me and NPC Galford

Galford is one of the witnesses when the old warriors died between their fight from the forces of devil when they attack town (I just saw it from the WYD global story video ;)). When the old warriors die, new born warriors has been trained to fight against the Evil, anyway Galford was very popular for his bald head and he is just wearing jumpers without shirt. 🙂 Galford is selling weapons for newbies. Take note guys, WYD global are sending free nice stuff from new Wydians when they reach level 100 and above.

Me and NPC Arnod

What’s up with Arnod? Anyway he is like Galford, nothing more difference between them. He is also selling newbie items and as I have mention, don’t buy this item cause wydians can have free stuff when they reach the exact time to get that item.

Me and NPC Smith

NPC Smith is also selling newbie items. Have you notice that he was Mr. Galford twins? I wonder who their mother…was! Anyway do not forget Smith & Galford for their hairless head. 🙂

Me & the Guards in Armia Town

Meet the Guards of Armia town that protects our new and old warriors in the Forces of Evil. This are the guards before you exit in Armia Town to go in Armia Field. The coordinates are x:2149 y: 2102

Me and NPC Griffin Master

This is NPC Griffin Master outside the Training Camp, we may called this NPC Griffin as NPC Traveller Quest. He can teleport you to Training Camp, Spirit Guardian, God’s Garden, Dungeon and Underworld which is a 350 quest in WYDglobal. NPC Griffin Master is the one who help new players to teleport in Quest Areas with the help of his mount ;). The coordinate to locate NPC Griffin Master is x:2114 y:2080

to be continued….


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