Tourist Guide Part II

This is the continuation of my blog to help new players in to the game.

Me and the mount of NPC Griffin Master

When you talk to Griffin Master and choose where will you go for some quest, this will be the mount that your gonna ride! When you have some mount that gained some levels, it will reflect on the griffin’s mount. For example, if you have level 120 pig or any other mount, Griffin’s mount will reflect the color of your pig like what shown above when I was riding on Griffin.

Me and NPC Civil Delegate

This NPC Civil Delegate help you to register in the server that you want to become citizen. If you are currently registered in other server, type /getout then talk to Civil Delegate to register in server that you want. Mortals are free to registered while God and Celestial have to pay with Civil Delegate

NPC Nell, Me and NPC Cargo Guard

This is the Merchant Nell, she sells premium item in game which required wycoins, bonus coins, to be able to purchase in Premium Nell you must choose any kind of billing system through our site. For example, credit card(visa/MasterCard), pay by cash, and many more. NPC Cargo Guard is the one who can keep your inventory when it is full. This Cargo Guard give free riding horse when you are new to the game. Take note that when you use this horse, it will count the days of your usage, that free horse is only for 15 days, so be smart on using it.

Let’s meet the Trainers who help the New Warriors to defeat their Enemy.

Me and NPC ArchiMaster

Want to learn more about the world of WYD? Here we go, ArchiMaster is the NPC in Armia town which trained the Beastmaster’s in game. He is the one who help BM to know more about their powers and weaknesses. Beastmaster’s are good for hunting. Elemental is use to summon spirits. They got a powerful magic attack and enhanced defence. Summon Skills will increase each summons HP and as included in their site, the summons like Trample Tiger, Stunning Gorilla, Black Dragon and Succubus have an additional damage effect. Nature skills enable the BM to transform into any of their choice like for example the evilator and to harness other elemental powers. Take note that there are many changes in the BM’s skill just take a look in the WYD Aftermath site where you can read the new featured skills of Bestmasters.

Me and NPC ElderFoema

What’s up with ElderFoema? She is the one who help the Foema warriors in the battle. Foema are the caster of the WYD global warriors. If you choose the White Mastery skills you will be the Regain Health Points, resurrect, inflict holy damage and detoxify negative status. Bless Revival is good in to help other warriors to resurrect in the middle of fight with their opponent. Black Mastery skills derive its power from the heavens in the form of fire, ice and lightning. Special mastery is a Magical skill derived from nature and the gods which means caster can buff other warriors and his self.

Me and NPC Knight Leader

Well, NPC KnightLeader is the one who help those MagicKnight(MK) and Transkinght (TK) in WYD global. Faith Mastery is a combination of defensive and support skills that enhance attack damage inflicted to monsters. Means that more of the skills in Faith Mastery was buffs to the caster of MK or TK. Trans mastery are for physical attack for TK, trans skills enable TK to increase their physical attacks to the opponent. Magic Mastery is more likely of Foema, which MK can also cast different Magic Spells. Take not guys that there are changes in some of the Transknight skills like Assault, Rescue, Critical Armor, Growth and Destiny. Just read the WYD global microsite the Aftermth for their new fetured skills.

Me and NPC ForeLearner

Ok here we go; what’s the difference of this NPC for me? She is very special because she is my favorite NPC in Armia town… why? Cause of him, I learned how to built my stats. Survival mastery has last skills of life drain, while trade mastery is spirit change and capture is rapid hit. If you want to have good stats, much better to have good str, dex and con. But it is also depends on the players how to built their stat to become one of the strongest player on WYD.

Every character have their own destiny to live in WYD Global, own destiny to become one of the greatest warriors.  Wydians are very important to WYD global because they have the power to defeat the forces of evil…

to be continued…


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