Tourist Guide Part III

It has been said that every one of us, have the challenge to face our trials in life, every one of us have our own key for successful life. How can we compare our self in games which are we playing? Do you believe that our characters reflect our real character in life? For me, yes! When I started to play other mmorpg, even before WYD global, all my character reflects my self. Whenever I spoke to other player/s, its also same in real life.

What’s the difference of WYD global in other mmmorpg?

*One, it is global or all over the world. We can face the fact that we can different players and make friends globally.

*Two, it has an auto bot system which enable player to afk while hunting. We can do anything while our character is on Auto-bot mode.

*Three, we encounter different people, different player, languages, and sometimes we also use their expression 🙂 that’s really good!

*Last thing –  I love every single day I am playing WYD global.

This is my contribution to WYD global which help new players to know all the NPC’s in town. Hope you enjoy my blog guys 🙂

The continuation of Tourist Guide in WYD global 🙂

Welcome to Erion Town

Me and NPC Farche

She is the NPC which sells hunting scrolls, warriors seal, pots, pig egg, pig essence, pig feed, silver flash- item to change silver angel while wearing red angel, secret medicine of courage and recall scroll. Farche is kind for helping us to gained fame points when using warriors seal.

Me and NPC Emphis

Do you want to know how much is the tax in Erion town? If yes, just talk to NPC Emphis and he will tell you the answer on how much is the current tax in Erion town.

Me, NPC Nell and NPC Cargo Guard.

Every town has its own Cargo Guard and Nell to help players to keep their inventory when it is full. Also with NPC Nell, so that all players whenever they go, they can purchase special item through NPC Nell using wydcoins and bonus coins.

Mount Captor and Me

What’s up with Mr. Mount Captor? I thought it is the father of Card Captor Sakura! 🙂 Joke! NPC Mount Captor sells lots of mount’s feed and transformation letter.

Transformation Letter- enables player to transform into monster like gremlin, boar, carbuncle, orc troop and many more. If you want to return in normal mode, there is also a transformation letter to return in your character to normal.

to be continued…

this is for the meme

this one is when I am wearing my uniform every weekdays. Monday to Friday 🙂

and this one is my uniform every weekends…

tag this guys for Meme… 🙂















CM Aruman

CM Dhar

CM Tonberry

MEME mode 🙂


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