Tourist Guide Part IV

Welcome back to my blog. Let’s meet other people in Erion town.

Me and NPC Ehre

NPC Ehre helps players to change their soul type by placing the jewels in correct order. Take note guys that when you placed the jewels in the wrong place, or order, all jewels will disappear and the soul type will not change.

These are the correct order or sequence in changing the soul type of your character when talking to NPC Ehre.

This are the jewels needed when changing the soul type of your character.

NPC Ehre also help players to make a mystery stone for the character soul class. You need 2 runes and 10 packs of Laktorerium powders to create mystery stone and talk to NPC Ehre. Image below show’s how to put the runes and the laktorerium in the correct order.

This is the image of Mystery Stone.

Mystery stone is used to twist your character between Celestial God and your soul character. When you right click the Mystery stone in your inventory while you are in your main character you will turn to your Soul character and vice versa.

What’s good in having a soul character?

When your main character’s level up (Celestial Character), your sub character has additional benefit (soul character), so if both characters level up (celestial and soul character) the more the character will be strong.

Neptus, Reimers, Me, Ropelion and Luvian

NPC Neptus – He is the NPC which is selling newbie set of Foema Armor

NPC Reimers – He is the NPC which is selling newbie set of BeastMaster Armor

NPC Ropelion – He is the NPC which is selling newbie set of Transknight Armor

NPC Luvian – He is the NPC which is selling newbie set of Hunter Armor

Anyway guys before I introduce the remaining NPC’s in Erion, I would like to Introduce this two first that I forgot to introduce when I was in Armia town … hehehe ;p

Me and NPC Balmus

If you want to know how much is the tax in Armia town? Just talk to NPC Balmus and he will inform you how much is the current tax in Armia town. He is located in front pk armia arena in Armia Town

Me and NPC Martin

NPC Martin is just like the other NPC’s in Armia like Aki, he sells pots, fire crackers. I bought fire crackers when my friends or other people won in the battle for their victory… like Academy League and other events.

to be continued with the remaining NPC’s in  Erion town 🙂


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