I am very Addicted on WYD Global :)

Before the continuation of my blog, I would like to have some Commercial Break.

Anyway, I am blogging for my future God, my huntress “thyrene”. I really love my character and it’s my favorite name.. 🙂 I wasn’t able to become one of the strongest warrior as mortal character but I assure each and every player that I can do my best to lend them help, except for perfect armors and weapon. Hmmm… I love WYD Global because its F2P, compare to other MMO’s that you need to pay every month.

On the other hand, when I am a console gamer, i love to play RPG type of games.

How did I discover WYD Global?

I discover WYD Global through my other friends, since I was playing RAN their company also have a local publisher of WYD Global which is Supreme Destiny. Since I am very addicted in any online games, I tried WYD Global and I’d never notice that I am very addicted on it.  I stop to play other games just to focus in WYD Global.

I prefer to play Global MMORPG games to met lot of people in different country. I use to play different private server like Lineage (one of my favorite games in my whole life 🙂 ). But then, currently I really love WYD Global and  I AM VERY ADDICTED ON IT.

Guys, just wait for the continuation of my blog as a Tourist Guide in WYD Global.



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