WYD Global vs. other OL games :)

Before I become one of the tourist guide in WYD Global, I also one of the tourist guide in other mmorpg games. This is some of my commercial break before I become I continue my blog for Tourist Guide.

I’ve been wondering why GAMING in MMORPG has FREE-TO-PLAY and PAY-TO-PLAY. Which one is the best?

“To Pay before Play” or “To Play but to buy In-game Item?”

I played “free-to-play” like RANonline and WYDglobal. I love both of this game because no need to pay before logging in.

RANonline –  I played this game for about 3 months. My school here is phoenix with local server in our country (Philippines). I like this game because I and my friends can communicate clearly, we can talk to our own language, what we called “tagalog”. But as time goes by I’ve notice that to be able to have more level you have to buy their “telecard” to teleport. And whenever you need some invitation like in your own “wedding” with other character you must buy package for wedding (gown, invitation card, etc.). Games aren’t perfect they have their weaknesses and strength. I hate RAN because you can’t level without your party members. That’s why I quit RAN because I don’t enjoy it anymore and switch for other game like WYDglobal…

WYDglobal –  I played this game for about 6 months and still continue playing. This game have difference with other MMO because it is built-in-bot or for short Auto Attack system. I know some players will say its “sucks” some player will say its “good”. You can level even if you are AFK mode but I can say that Auto Attack mode can only be use by new player in wyd II. From my own experience I do not use bot mode any longer because I died lot of times if I left it all alone. What I like in this game is they have low system requirement, and easy interface like RAN, and DIABLO. I played WYD because they have mount/pet which is one of the reasons why I played “A GAME”. Like in Rakion and Lineage2 they have good mount/pet system. If you already played Diablo you don’t need to adjust to play WYD because they have big similarity. In WYD you cannot buy high level armor/weapon through NPC town. You need to buy Items from NPC which involve money. In RAN you must buy a “card” while in WYD you must buy in game through credit card.


I played Pay-to-Play like Lineage2.This game need to load your account first before logging into the game.

LINEAGE2 –  I played this game for about 8 months since Open Beta. Lineage2 open their server in our country (Philippines) last August 2007. Since this game is known by others I expect too much that this game is really cool. I started to play this since they have promo like free-to-play but after 5 consecutive months they announced that this game will soon to be pay-to-play. Of course, as player I cannot lose my account in such circumstances like that so even it is pay-to-play I need to continue playing because of my good character in game. What I don’t like here is they have high requirement system and sad to say that my pc is too slow that can’t afford to buy good memory for my computer. I enjoy this game but I need to quit because of its high requirement system especially when they launch the Kamael. I hate it.


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