You know your addicted to WYD Global when…

Before this week and topic ended, i would like to share some of my real experience or possible experience that the player can be. I love to tour every player in WYD Global but let’s take some break for some kind of discussion in WYD Global..  Anyway guys this contents are my real experience when I was studying and almost the same when I was working..

You know your addicted to WYD Global when…

As a Student and as an Employee

  • During school days, you are not coming to other subjects just to play WYD Global.
  • Renting in café’s while playing WYD during your break time than to buy your money for food.
  • Saving your allowance to purchase wydcoins or to rent more hours in café’s to play WYD global.
  • Changing the school/company topics like assignment, report and project in to WYD Global topic.
  • Sharing your knowledge in WYD Global to you classmate/officemate and asking them to play WYD (“you want to join our guild la?”) 🙂
  • While searching in site for your project, you may also visit WYD Global Forum site if someone is selling items that you need for your character.
  • You may choose to have a long run and walk on the road to go to your school/office then save your transportation allowance to purchase wydcoins. 🙂 cough couch**
  • Sometimes you are asking for some money to your parents for project but honestly to use it to rent in cafe’s or buy some coins. (Student don’t deny it’s really possible. :))

As an Employer

I don’t know much about being an Employer or Boss in the company, but thank God I interview SultanJohor which is currently one of the boss in their net cafe’s with HaNumaN.. Anyway guys, this is my exclusive interview with SultanJohor today while vending in Pk Arena Zone at server 1.

thyrene: How can you express your addiction in WYD Global?

sultanjohor: by playing wyd global everyday, meet people in game, talk talk talk, sometimes surfing a lot (hmmm maybe he’s surfing to win in Where Am I Event LOL)… Surfing is good to reduce addiction.

thyrene: What else?

SultanJohor: When get pked, control emotions, must have some patiens, if not patience.. You will need to spend more WYD COINS to be the stronger.    (maybe he will revenge to someone who pked him in game… hahaha)

Maybe if you cannot stop your self in playing WYD Global, this will happen…

SultanJohor: today im like 60% in WYD and 40% in real life..

thyrene: what is your reason why you love WYD?

SultanJohor: cause i love game and having fun even if i don’t have money to release tension while working, adn i have many things for upgrade stuff.

thyrene : what else?

SultanJohor: To become a good player of the WORLD OF WYD not to be the strongest but to be something different as a Good OP I can be..

thyrene: nice lot of player will inspired you not only as a gamer, OP and bussinesman 🙂 thank you so much for this interview.

ok guys, watch out for my continuation in Tourist Guide as WYD traveller in WYD Global…

thanks for the comments and support to my blog.. 🙂


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