With Your Destiny “a Mind’s Gossip”

Another commercial break from your ever dearest tourist Guide in WYD Global… thank you so much for continuous reading my blog and commenting on my page…

This gossip came between my mind and my heart… a mind’s gossip in WYD Global… Hope you enjoy reading my blogs. 🙂

WYD Global is a very good game which connects each and every player around the world. It is not only some kind of massive online games that can spend lot of your times and can addicted too, but it is a game which can build the CIRCLE OF FRIENDS 🙂 With your Destiny has a good story line which can be one of the reasons why players love to play it. One more thing is I really love their on going, upcoming different Events. When WYD Global officially lunch Episode III: The Aftermath, I more become a loyal wydians, because the more you understand your destiny as a wydians the more you continue to play.

Before community in WYD is very silent because not all the times GM can show up when players need help, last August wydians meet the Community Managers which are CM Dhar, CM Tonberry, CM Aruman and CM Nyx. For their first show up, we really don’t understand or we don’t have clued what’s their purpose on WYD Global. Then finally, when we asked them, they told us that they are the one who will handle the Community in WYD Global. Then finally the community in WYD have big changes.

thyrene the explorer 🙂

As a wydians, I want to discover all over the world of WYD. When Community Managers held an event which is “Where Am I Challenge”, I have been interested not only on its prize but also for every WYDians challenge. How crazy wydians am I, to search for CM’s whose hiding in different places of WYD Global. I love it when their hiding exept on SF “Snow Field” cause I died everytime I search for CM who’s hiding in SF. It is very challenging in every wydians to seek for CM when their hiding. You need to understand each and every clue to be able to know CM’s place.

A short story by thyrene 🙂

There was a time when thyrene “as my self” is searching for a real friend, when she met his first friend which is ReaperKill. thyrene doesn’t know everything on the world of WYD but then ReaperKil help her in game. But sadly, thyrene no longer see ReaperKill that’s why she explore by his self and then Helena90 help her in game. Then, I joined Canada Academy with OP’s Beotch and others. I met lot of friends there! Also my closest friend in WYD Global which is SultanJohor who’s already an OP in Global Academy!

this is me and my bestfriend in game “SultanJohor” We are on dessert 🙂

SultanJohor is a very good friend of mine, he is kind to everyone and I will not wonder why GM’s choose him to become one of in game Operators. He also help new players in game and his attitude won’t change even if he is almost 2 months in his position. I’m very happy for him to get his job and to meet someone who’s only not kind in game but also in real life. SultanJohor won’t judge other people by means of others. For him, “to see is to believe”. I can say that I know him a lot but not in real life.

Thank’s afiz for being my real friend and for being there always. 🙂

I love to explore the game and helping players though I don’t want to become one of the in game operators cause I can’t handled it because I am very busy with my job and everyday project. As far as I could, I am doing my best to lend my hand to all players of WYD. If I have lot’s of wydcoins, I’d better choose to help other players that to level up my character.

Fame Points is not measured in your character’s level but measured in your character’s own belief “-thyrene 🙂


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