WYDian’s GossiP

As CM Aruman said, I’m watchin you! 🙂 Anyway guys, whenever your guess is right I owe you 1 laktorerium powder or 1 oriharukon powder… so good luck! 🙂

This is wydians gossip!

Blind Item #1

Hestia: hey sis did you see Mr. G?

Angela: Hmm I think he’s hanging around

Hestia: Did you know Mr. G is also Mr. S?

Angela: I didn’t. Are you sure he is Mr. S?

Hestia: Yes! And he already reveals his secrets!

Angela: omg! I can’t believe it. When was it happened?

Hestia: I think last day when someone talks to him in private.

Angela: could we keep it secret or private?

Hestia: it’s up to you whether you like it or not., but much better not to tell it to anyone cause if Mr. G found out that you reveal his secrets, he will hunt you and you will no longer be an NPC in WYD Global.

Angela: Oh my god! I’m so scared…

Hestia: Why does he want to come back with his Mr. S when he helps other when he is Mr. G…

Angela: Maybe because he wants to become a model. 🙂

Hestia: LOL. See yah around. I’m going to search Mr. G!

Angela: Ok. Take care!

Mr. G

-He’s not using shout, he’s only using citizen chat to shout… ciao!

-He is very talkative when you start to talk with him.

-He always sell afk after his duty 🙂

Blind item # 2

I heard Ms. B love Mr. F

and Mr. F love Ms. B

but Mr. F also loves Ms. M. hmmm…

Wanna be like Ms. B?

How about Ms. M?

Mr. F and Ms. B are WE!

Ms. M and Mr. F are WE!

How could it be!

Blind Item #3

Who’s J is a gay but not really a gay! He always helps players to level up (even if you ask for some gold) and using shouts whenever he logs in game..  Mr. J have very good armors and weapons. He’s a moody person. He’s nice if your nice and his bad if your bad. He loves to kill blue capers!

just pm me in game around 9:00 game time to 15:00 game time. In server 4 or in server 1 🙂  But I am always on my home town (server 4)…

anyway guys wait for my upcoming blogs 🙂 I will still continue by blog as a WYDians tourist guide to let help new players in to the game…

thank you for reading my blog and keep it up every one!


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