Epic Failure to become a GOD!

Sometimes it is very hard to think some good ideas in blogging then sometimes your article will be the same in some bloggers however it is still ok though some of my ideas have with others mind too… cough* cough* I will still continue my blog as a traveler wydians so stay tuned with my updated blogs!

Anyway this blog is my failure to become a GOD, somehow I’m still wondering why people get failure in game! It’s part of it right! 🙂

Duck: Let’s just sleep and silent!

Rabbit: I agree… lol 🙂

Duck: but I can’t sleep for thinking who they are…

Rabbit: hmm me too, I can’t figure out who are those 3 wydians

Duck: Omg! I really need laks and maybe ori… I need to up’s my weapon

Rabbit: Lol… I don’t need ori’s and lak’s I just want to know who they are… I’m so sleepy…

Duck: Me too, Can I lay beside your body?

Rabbit: Sure you are! Good night Mr. Duck

Duck: Good night Mr. Rabbit 🙂

Rip with my duck and my rabbit… My lovely rabbit died 2 weeks ago cause of the storm! I really love my rabbit and he is already 7 months old when he died… Wherever you are, I miss you Boris! (That’s my rabbit name) and my duck died when he was 2 days old because my mother accidentally step on him.

The Revelation of the 3 Wydians Gossip! Meet them and have fun!

Mr. G – If you guess me I owe 5 oris

Ms. B – if you guess me I owe 2 laks

Ms. J – if you guess me I owe 1 lak

We are the powerpuff WYDIAN’s 🙂

What a failure to sell my laktorerium for 4.8m only, look what I’ve got just to sell my items to go for God! 🙂

This will happened if you’re trying hard to have gold! What a big FAILURE!


3 thoughts on “Epic Failure to become a GOD!

  1. Hehe, Im asuming your first sentence was about me xD 😀


    Nice blog, im sorry to hear that about your duck and rabbit 😦

    Azmon 😀

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