What goes around comes around “Epic of success” – by thyrene

The very long time is now come!!!

I am glad to announce to everyone that after 5 consecutive months of being a Mortal, I thyrene my self declare that I am already a GOD… Before proceeding to the highlights view of my God character I will share some of my stories when playing the world of WYD 🙂

I created my huntress last April 17, 2008, to familiarize its build and stats. Before I focus to my huntress, I created different class because I want to know their difference to each other, their characteristics, their builds, their stats, their strength and weaknesses.

April 19, 2008, I finished the first three quests and still trying to finish the other new quest. I am hoping before that as soon as possible I want memorize the map of WYD (and now I can’t believe I am a tourist Guide). Thyrene reach the level 103 build in captured mastery. I put more dex for fast attack. I first came to Advance Camp of Carden on April 20, 2008 by accidentally clicking NPC Jully.

It is very hard to level without waters, I am trying my best not to join water share to experience the entire quest in WYD. Last April 22, 2008 I have finished another three quests the Ceremony of Apprentice knighthood (level 101-150) which has a reward of Cape of Apprentice [C], God’s Garden (level 116-190) which has a reward of Tears of Angel (+15,000exp) and Balance of Power which has a reward of Piece of Balance. When I gave it to Priest Amelia, she gave me a Composition of balance that can reset 100 skill points of Skill Mastery. April 23, 2008 My hunter level is 135 with Captured Mastery. And at that time I have Nature Armor set [D]. 🙂

April 25, 2008 I joined the Canada Academy and I tried to party with members. It is my first time to go inside the Water Elemental Zone. I’ve earned a lot of experience. The first monster we kill is Hunter Troll, second Ghoul Chief, third Archer Cyclop, fourth ArcherInvoke, fifth Gold GrimLock, next ElderCyclops, seventh FrogAssasin, and lastly the WaterGolem and the Boss Undead Trolls. (sounds like I am really a noob player ^__^).

This was also the same time I meet my best friend in game which is Sultanjohor. At the first time, I don’t like Sultan’s attitude because I don’t know him but then as time goes by I’ve finally realize that he is the one that you can lean on to and the one you can trust. As I encounter player in WYD, OP and party members, I have noticed that they have a good heart which help new players like me. Cough* cough* 🙂

Yesterday I finally fulfill my dreams to become a God, thanks for SultanJohor, BaronSengnir, callmeboss for helping me to complete the Stone of Sephira… Here’s what happened yesterday when I am doing my God 🙂

At the same time I’ll help you guys on how to become a God 🙂

to have an Eternal Stone, just approach the Red or Blue Oracle of your kingdom with the right place of your uni spirit and phoenix (You need to pay 10 sapphires). After making an Eternal Stone, to have a class sephirot of your choice, you must complete the 8 Stone of Sephira which are: Veean Kocuna Nechark Tipalet Marcute Yesord Keced Gebra, then approach to the NPC skill mastery. If you want to go for BM talk to ArchiMaster, Foema talk to ElderFoema, Hunter talk to ForeLearner and TK talk to KnightLeader. Do not forget to have 30m gold in your inventory… ^__^

After formulating the Eternal and the Sephirot, approach the king of your kingdom.

This are the correct order of Eternal Stone and Sephirot if you equip them in your inventory.

Then talk to the king…

OMG! someone is trying to stop me to become a GOD…….

Alia!!!! It’s Alia he killed the king of our kingdom….. waaaahhhhhh…..

Here’s what Alia told me when I am trying to become a God!

then after killing the king look what he have done…

What a big failure to become a God… Alia stop me to have my dreams came true… huhuhu

and then i go back to the village with tears on my eyes… 😦

after returning back I borrow some warp scroll to sultan to teleport to the king again.

then this is it, Evil Alia was gone… I will now transcend into God! finally 🙂

welcome thyrene the new breed warrior that will fight against evil….

my first high light spot with my lovely god 🙂

See my lovely God with her pink dress(HOPE IT WAS BLACK…)

this is my first SS to my bestfriend in game with SultanJohor, thanks for helping me to become a GOd…..

This is the time and date where I transcend in to God class character…

Thank you guys for supporting my blogs and for everyone who congratulate me when i transcend in to a GOD.. thank you guys and i love you all.

Before thyrene is one of the breed warriors hides in Armia and evolve to be a new hope and destined to save the world. And today as I become God Class character I am willing to sacrifice my lives for the benefit of the world, whether I win or loose. Epic of success – by thyrene


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