a Circle of Friends…

A friends in need is a friend indeed… Many of us is wondering how circle of friends started in WYD Global. I was walking “thyrene” in Armia town to find some one who can help me to level up my God. To be able to buy some water M scrolls I risk my money in “money cube” and then I didn’t expect to win.

As we all know, playing money cube have a chance of doubled your money or remove 50/50 chance,Β  but then i didn’t stop playing cause I am addicted on it πŸ™‚ Even my other friends trying to stop me in playing it but that was one of my way easiest way to buy my armors and scrolls for my warrior God…

I really love my God wearing on her rake breast and pants and with my sword.

when I was doing water M share with Dumptires the clicker, I spotted some of the bloggers from WYDIANS journal, Axec-0blez,Β  Caligstar, Alia, wickedness and Kakorate18.

This are some of my SS with the other great bloggers of wydglobal.

this is me and Caligstar inside the water elemental zone while doing waters with dumpy!

What a disaster happened to me in water M share cause they always put me in a tank spot, i love dumpy for that >.< grrr! hahaha I didn’t afk just to go back to the village everytime I died…

but anyways there are still what we called “karma”

omg! the clicker dumpy died! hahaha…

this one is my great friend in WYD. He is the one who give the last stone of sephira to me to formulate the stone of sephirot. He gave me the Malchute to complete the 8 pieces. He’s really kind and sometimes he felt jealous when SultanJohor doesn’t include him in his blog… callmeboss is not really a boss but for me he is the boss for helping me in transcending in to God class character. It is really great to have good friends though their far far away πŸ™‚

this was my screen shot with my friends in global, and i really like AZMON the way he blog.. πŸ™‚ lol Azmon, don’t run out of ideas in blogging! keep it up and HOPE to see you in next season πŸ™‚

I saw hunterBR20 with his lovely tag, his lucas my friend in brazil, a newly hired Operator in Brazil Academy. Then, I ask him to take some screen shot after congratulating him in his new position.

this are my minions πŸ™‚

follow me and i’ll show you the way… πŸ™‚

PIG Riders



CM Dhar




a race is in progress… prepare for the race from Azran to Armia town.. the race will begin in




go go go!!!

oh! my God I saw CM Dhar…. run run my pig run!

and now the winner for this race event is….

me! joke, the winner for this race is OskiFoema.

have you see my new minion? meet phyxius my new piggy, he’s my minion and will follow me, whenever… wherever ^__^


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