An appreciation of gratitude!

Whenever we are trying to fulfill our dreams, there are many circumstances and also there is also an exchange of success.. I love every person who loves me and I love the way they care… Anyway, Alia! LOL gotcha! your the gossipwydian… Lmao!

i’ll kill you Alia… soon 🙂 lol wait for me to become a Celes…. I hope so! peace Alia 🙂

I was very happy when I first log in my God character, many people congratulate me for the fulfillment of my dreams… I am  very touch with Kaylena when he shouted to everyone that I was already a God… and many players starts to pm me and congratulate me.

I would like to thank all people for their kindness and also for those people who helped me to transcend in to God class. I really love everyone and I am very touch with people who cares for me…

this is thyrene when she transcend in to God class character and at the moment I am now level 250 God… I was riding on the griffin to have some spot light with my God character… atm i don’t have good armors and weapon to become a good warrior however I am doing my best to gained gold for the future warrior. I will help everyone to fight for the sake of our destiny.

after transcending in to God i will never forget my mortal character and I use my mortal again to join with their conversation.. it was a good experience cough cough* I am very touch with them…

I love you guys, all bloggers out there keep it up…


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