My musing about MR. A

Hello every one,

This musing is not for community. But for the person who loves the community, hope he will not get mad at me after thhis 🙂

Welcome to Mr. A Gallery…

People have many expression or we have different moods when we are playing WYD Global.
This Photo Gallery of MR. A was my musing when he is playing WYD

Whenever Mr. A won in money cube, he shares his blessing with triple time (cough* cough*) that’s why he look like this. But sadly 90% of his playing in cube always fail… hahaha

If Mr. A is on the mood, he really look fresh and cool like this…

If he can’t find water M share, he crashes like this…

When Mr. A feels like his EMO, he talk to his twins… 🙂

A windy Mr. A could be after taking a bath then play WYD as fast as he can…

OMG!  Mr. A turns to black one, this is his image when he is pkying!

When Mr. A look for his fast when he is mortal, he turns like this ages!

This was Mr. A look a like when he love to stop players with their dream! Remember the time when I was transcending in to God class? He was the one who EVIL LAUGH AT ME!

This is the greatest Mr. A, this was my favorite musing for Mr. A… I think this one is his everyday look when player WYD Global, nowadays I don’t see his blog updated but something new blog was updated!

For those bloggers out there who have different kind of musing when their playing, I am interested to see your different Galery.

Thank you for reading my blogs guys, and I will update my blog tommorow for related topic of CM’s in community blog!


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