Handling the community in WYD

As a gamer is, I will handle the community by helping new players in to the game. Just like what I am doing on my previous blog of travelling in WYD. This is one of the ways to handle our community. New players must be familiar in every NPC’s in town, either in WYD Global Events, this kind of my blog help players for their fulfilment to know what NPC’s do and what are the necessary items needed in doing quest.

Satisfaction means contentment

Organizations are increasingly interested in retaining existing customers while targeting non-customers; measuring customer satisfaction provides an indication of how successful the organization is at providing products and/or services to the marketplace. -source from wiki 🙂

Means that to be able to satisfy every single player, it is depends on how the CM handled our community inside the game.

I can also handle the community by providing players correct information when they are asking me inside the game as long as it is related to WYD Global. As a gamer I will help the community by helping players inside the game. If I am a GM or CM, and know all the queries and inquiries of the player, I will expose in every town in case they need me.

It is very hard to handle the community. It is like handling the community in your country like government that provided every one of us a fulfilment for their society.

As we all know, either CM (Community managers) in game or President of our country in reality are the one who blame when people or players is not satisfied on how they handle our Community.

As a gamer, I will also handle the Community by serving as a role model to every one. I will inform them every rules and regulation implementing to avoid any occurrence like scamming or hacking inside the game. For me, “The one who Lead is the one to follow”.

This is my photo when someone accept challenge in our party.

Hope you guys like my blog for today. Stay tuned for my updated blogs.


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