Blogger’s Get-together

Let’s take some break before heading to the real topic.

I haven’t much activies in WYD Global so far, while playing inside the game, DDR2 de-buff me in pk arena while we are testing our Gods. Here’s my SS of what happened with my lovely God thyrene when we DDR2 de-buff me…

Wasn’t it great to have black smilidon mount? ๐Ÿ™‚

CM launch a new Event which is shout for Joy, all you need to do is to answer the question correctly.ย  Also, you must insert your server so that they can trade you in case you won. This is my screen shot with CM Aruman yesterday when I won the event. Actually, this is the 1st time I have taken SS with CM Aruman.

Me and CM Aruman

Let’s head on my topic, as a blogger you must have a full of ideas in writing your own blog or making a blog, creativity is a must and a key of Good blog. Today, I saw one of the great blogger in wydglobal which is Tuta, here is some of our Screen shot taken…

with his Evilator look, he seems to be handsome, I don’t know yet his real photo in life because he doesn’t join in meme.ย  We are talking in our blogs, and at the same time we are using our own language which is tagalog. He is a nice person and they called Tuta as their Master in PH Academy, i don’t know what’s the reason of it… “Master Tuta” they called tuta like that, sounds cool and funny~~~~

When I was walking on Armia, I saw callmeboss and I ask him to go in PK Arena and see what he have done to me….

what the hell is his weapon doing in my legs…. >.<

then after that, GM Loki appear in town with the bloggers in WYD, GM Loki help us to get new Idea on what are we going to write for our blog…. HE or She is very nice and i love him/her.. Whatever he/she is I like him/her….

This are some of the bloggers get-together in Armia town, except for WhiteSuby! hahaha…

Stay tuned for my new update in Pig Race Event ๐Ÿ™‚


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