Monsters attacking Noatun Town!

Actually this was happened today. I was hanging around when I saw the monsters in Noatun which you can always see in Dessert. And It is really true! The monsters in Dessert are attacking the Noatun town… What will the warriors do for the benefit of the other and to protect our town from Evil.

Is this the last day for our warriors? The monsters are attacking Noatun and they are going to destroy the castle… Godgovernment, help us!

Have you ever seen this before? their attacking us! They want to destroy the breed of warriors living in Erion, SnowField, Armia and Azran… Wydians help us to protect our town.

Suddenly I saw a great warrior who’s about to help to kill the monsters attacking in noatun… Help us every one!

I saw a Celestial character which is Dark-Legend- and about to kill the monsters in Noatun…

and i’ll try to help as I promise to every wydians I’ll do my best to protect our towns in the forces of evil.

let’s take some highlights with Dark-Legend- of killing the monsters in Noatun…

At last! finally, all the monsters in Noatun had been killed by the mighty protector!

Thank you to the mighty protector of Noatun Castle for killing the monsters attacking in our town.

stay tuned for my new Updated blog!


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