a Journey to remember!

Every player have their own journey to remember… A thoughts as well..

Anyway these are my musing about the Community!

1.) Some improvement in the community when CM’s or Community Managers become part of WYD.

2.) The community become more populated with new and sometimes old Wydians turning back.

3.) Wydians meet new breed of warriors.

4.) The community also help the Guild Leader when they have a Guild Assembly during Saturday’s

5.) I learned how to evaluate every things around our community.

6.) When wydians come and go, they still have their attitude of coming back where they belong too.

7.) Most of the time you will encounter different wydians with different attitude, but for the sake of fighting against evil, they unite as one!

8.) CM’s and GM’s are being part of wydians everyday life. They have different things to do whenever they didn’t appear in town. Just like CM Dhar and GM Loki did in GM’s wonderland when they have Pig race in GGGGGM Lannnndddd 🙂 click this for CM Dhar’s video… CM vs GM in pig race look for CM Dhar’s blog last October 3, 2008 🙂

9.) In community, you will notice that Wydians, GM and CM sometimes refelecting their real attitude in life when playing WYD.

10.) The Community improve their in going events and updates

Stay tuned for my more updated blog.. thank you for reading… 🙂


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