Tourist Guide Part VII

Hello guys welcome back to my blog

Let’s continue my blog as a tourist Guide of WYD Global. Eventually I really miss doing this thing.

This is the Full Map of Erion town…

For detailed image of Erion map, click here: Erion Town

Welcome to Azran Town

Azran is one of the popular towns in WYD Global due to the players’ who’s conducting Water M Share. They all go in Azran for payment time, including me.

Let’s meet some NPC in Azran town.

This is me and NPC Compounder.

Do you want to know how to compound weapon into Ancient Weapon. This guide is for you.

When compounding Ancient Weapon, you need the following items:

+9 Weapon

1 piece of jewelery (choose between emerald, coral, garnet and diamond)

4 pieces boosters. (you may use any weapon which is +7 to +10)

First, place the weapon in the proper slot.

Second, place you jewelery in the middle.

Take note:

Diamond – To increase drop rate option

Emerald – 40 Piercing Damage

Coral – To increase your Experience rate

Garnet – 40 Damage Absorption

Third, place the booster to increase your success rate.

Take note:

+7 weapon : 2% success rate increased
+8 weapon : 4% success rate increased
+9 weapon : 10% success rate increased
+10 weapon : 12% success rate increased

4 (Four( +9 weapon will increase success rate by 40%

Remember that your booster is lower than your weapon that you want to be compounded.

Example: Your item to be compound was D grade your 4 boosters must be C grade.

Things to remember:


+11 items are not allowed in compounding.

If you success in compounding you will have +7 Ancient Weapon and it will adopt the option of your jewellery used in compounding.


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