Why boys love to create female character?

Some of the MALE MMO players are using a female character while playing on the game. WHY? Here are some information why male or man love female character


1st – Because if you use female character, it is easy for you to get help to others.

2nd – If you use female character, and you are asking for some items in game, they will help you

3rd – You are girl in disguise (gay)

4th – You got a pervert mind. Cause other MMO’s got nude female character

5th – It is easy for you to dress the female character than to male character

6th – Easy to trust

7th – To level up your Girl friend’s account (^_^)

8th – To fool someone and let him fall in love with yah

9th – 100% you are using someone to SCAM their items or account

10th – Most boy’s doesnt want to stare at their male characters ass for a long period of time. so thats why they create a female character  by DogBeating

11th – I usually only make a girl character for an alt just for fun. by Rosato forum.mmosite.com/list.php

12th – You cannot choose gender because game has default gender in every classes



This is base in-game reality. Don’t deny it BOYS! (^_^) It’s true. There are good and bad reasons and for those who are doing this for bad purpose, there is always a feedback! Men, be aware of someone you are helping with.


Do not trust too much unless you know the person in real life. But still, even if you know him/her trusting too much is the worst trait. But, I do trust too. To Lie is not a key to success. To hide identity is not to protect your self, what are you afraid off if you done nothing wrong? besides, you gained nothing upon telling a lie.


Don’t ever give your account information to anyone if you don’t want headache upon getting your items back. Remember, some support section in game will reply after decades

and there are 2 possibilities when asking to get your items back

-you cannot get your items back. Congratulation!


-you can get it after decades (^_____^)


Thank’s for reading, Anyway if you have any add-ON’s I can edit this article. Add-ONs about “what else are the reasong WHY BOYS LOVE TO CREATE FEMALE CHARACTER…



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