Star Fever Agency Game Review

Star Fever Agency

My short game review about the Star Fever Agency!

Star Fever Agency is a 2d browser base multi massive online. It is originally base on the idea of Sarbakan Inc., and a trademark of Rabbit Hole,

Publisher:  Rabbit Hole Developer:  Rabbit Hole

Game Payment: Free to Play (F2P) Server: Global

Game Genre: 2d browser base game Red Carpet Launch: November 25th, 2009

Game Site:

Game System:

Your role is to play as a talent agent or the manager of your star.

Talent Star

This game is celebrity base and it’s in your hand on how to make your talent star from zero to the top. They are the one that you will hire and sign in from contract. Same as the Hollywood artist, you need to manage their Talent, Well-Being (Health and Mood) and Charm (Appearance and Charisma). While taking care of your talent star, you can set an agenda, shop your talent star an accessories, clothes, automobile and house.


After you register in click the “play” button then another browser will pop up.

Here is your first view in Star Fever. You will able to select your Agent look and customize your profile. You need to choose your gender to be able to choose your agent look.

1.jpg picture by thyrene

Here are some of Agent Look:

After customizing your Agent look, you will receive a $1,500 Star Fever Dollars to pick your Unique Talent Star. Use it wisely!

3.jpg picture by thyrene

Go to the Catalog and choose your unique talent star, to be able to view the whole biography of the character, you need to click their faces. After choosing, you can pay via money or points.

4.jpg picture by thyrene

After picking up your talent star, go to your Office and you will this image, then you can also go to your Email below the Fame or lame to check if there is an offer for your talent star to go for audition in TV or any movies.

6.jpg picture by thyrene

Get to know your talent star!

You can also talk to your talent star during his/her agenda and while picking up items from shop, you will know his/her comments if your talent star the dress that she is currently testing.

8.jpg picture by thyrene

Preview of your Star Fever Agent Profile

profile.jpg picture by thyrene

Shop – this is the place to go shopping with your talent star to buy the latest clothes. Your Talent Star should change clothes regularly.

shop.jpg picture by thyrene

House – place where you can buy houses

house.jpg picture by thyrene

Car – place to buy automobile.

car.jpg picture by thyrene

Remember that you can earn Star Fever Dollars by dealing with offers, doing agendas, and more…

Become the best among the rest! Be the Top Agent and make your Star reach the TOP!


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