Pulp Summer Slam 2010


Pulp Summer Slam is an annual event held every year. Normally this event happened during the month of April. This event contains of local bands performer in the Philippines but after few years they have include special guest from Foreign Country.

What is PULP?

PULP means a magazine or book that was printed on rough, low-quality paper made of wood pulp or rags, and usually containing sensational and lurid stories, articles, etc., http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pulp

When I was young I thought it was a part of a fruit, an event with tons of fruit. When I turn to 13 years old I heard the real meaning of PULP Summer Slam Event, well yeah it’s not a fruit. It is a great event for rock and roll fanatic… And I am one of them… Back to the topic, PULP is one of the leading magazines in the Philippines. Its first issue was release last December 1999. When people heard PULP, first thing that will come to their mind is ROCK AND ROLL!

“Astig Pare!!! PULP Summer Slam na, kita kits!” – This is one of the lines you will hear to every rocker in the Philippines. It means that, “Cool dude!!! Its PULP Summer Slam, see you there!”

Do you wanna know more about PULP? Then, read this article about their company: http://www.pulpmagazinelive.com/index.php/page/view/20

The PULP Summer Slam 10 – The Apocalypse

Lamb of God + Testament + tons of LOCAL bands

With Performances of the following:

Foreign Bands:
Bhelliom (Singapore)
Firefalldown (UK)
Quartered (canada)
No Credit (Australia) – I’m not sure if this one is still included, because in other Pulp Social Media Account it is remove.

Local Filipino Bands:
Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Intolerant, Franco, Typecast, Chicosci, Urbandub, 6cyclemind, Hilera, Kamikazee, Sandwich,
Bloodshedd, Sin, COG, BadBurn, Piledriver, Arcadia,. Pentavia, Hatankaru, PileDriver, Campbell, Sandata, Bane, Alex in wonderland and more…

When: April 17, 2010
Where: Amoranto Stadium Quezon City
Gates Open at: 12:00 noon

General Admission Tickets: 300 php
Available at Odyssey, Merriam & Webster Bookstores, TicketNet and TicketWorld outlets nationwide!

VIP passes: 3,500 each
Available at Pulp Office call 6871709 during office hours(Mondays-Fridays 10AM-6PM).

Address: Unit 1601 Antel Global Corporate Center Pasig, Philippines

Bring 1×1 ID picture.
VIP passes are inclusive of unlimited beer and pizza.

Behind the scene of The Pulp Summer Slam 2010 official poster/banner Ads

Photo shoot:

3 ladies from the poster of the PULP Summer Slam 2010

For more information, kindly visit their Official & Social Network Site:

Official Site:


Facebook Page:






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