President NoyNoy Aquino Inauguration (Behind-the-scenes)

Hello everyone ^_^

Melanie “Thyrene” Paz here, on the scene of Rizal Park, where the Quirino Grandstand hosts the inauguration of this countries new President.

Because I love our great country, I traveled through rain and bad weather, along with my Cameraman sidekick brother “Myles” Paz (Images that include me are taken by him). I wanted to give everyone an inside look at the preparation for this pivotal event in our countries history.

Benigno Aquino III will be sworn in as President on these very grounds, truly an inspiring event for every Filipino to behold.

I met some really nice staff and professionals who were preparing for the Inaugural event, including film crews. They were very nice and let me take some behind-the-scenes photos of them setting up.

The people in charge of the main stage area were very considerate, and let me take pics of the places where our new President will take an oath in person.

It was so exciting and amazing to be standing on the very stage, a day before Benigno Aquino III is sworn in as the new President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Location: Quirino Grandstand, Manila Philippines
Date: June 29, 2010

The main stage area

Another angle of the stage

Official Logo of the Republic of the Philippines

Official Logo of the Republic of the Philippines

Official Logo of the Republic of the Philippines

Flowers at the base of the stage

A/V, Electrical and Lighting infrastructure

The Manila Hotel

The Quirino Grandstand

The Quirino Grandstand

Philippine flag (our flag) @ the top of the stage

Production Crew @ work – rain or shine

Wide distance shot of spectator area

Sea of chairs for V.I.P. audience

Actual main stage area

Close-up of official stage

A/V mechanical arm/production piece

Production crew vehicle

Wide distance shot of inauguration scene

Very wide distance shot of inauguration scene

ABS-CBN Production Crew

Cameraman @ ABS-CBN (Mr. Caezar Areanne)

Me and the production crew at the main stage area

Me and the Official logo of the Republic of the Philippines

I had a great time taking photos and I hope everyone enjoys them!

To see more behind-the-scenes photo, kindly add my facebook account:


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  1. Hi! I came upon your blog when i was on Bing searching for a few recent Twitter trends to find what’s been popular recently. Stuck around a bit to take a look around and browse a number of your posts… great stuff. I’m going to be sure to return later on some time and get up to date.

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