Redford White – Passed Away! (R.I.P.)

Redford White

Does anyone still remember the film “Hee Man: Master of None?

Redford White - Hee Man: Master of None

How about “Tar-San” and “Haba-baba-doo! Puti-puti-poo?!“ This is only one of the many shows that allowed Redford White to give joy and laughter to every Filipino. His real name was Cirpriano Cermeno II, they said that he was born with Albinism.

When I was young, I used to watch his show and he gave me too many LOL (Laughing out loud) and not only me but also my friends and my family. He is a very kind and nice guy that doesn’t work only to earn money but to give real happiness and contentment to every viewer. I remember a decade ago, I asked, “Kano po ba si Redford White?” (Is Redford White an American?), they told me: “Oo, pero laki sa Pinas”( Yeah, but he grew up in the Philippines). I didn’t know the truth even until I grew older. I only found out, by the help of Google, that he was born with albinism. I really thought he was an American due to his name, but what I didn’t know, was that it’s only his screen name as normal artists have.
Who would have thought that on his early age he will suffer from one of the most dangerous diseases-cancer. A sickness that once it arrives in your body, either you will suffer longer or you will feel lots of pain when the disease is on its most dangerous stage.
At 6:47am, July 25, 2010 in the morning, Redford White passed away due to his sickness. One of his closest friends, Jim Paredes informed via twitter:

“At 6:47 am today, my great friend, fellow diver and a wonderful human being known to all as Redford White passed away peacefully. I was with him yesterday and we had our last hugs. I will miss you ‘pre. Love you. Your great spirit has left many sad. “I have been expecting this. My only consolation is that his physical suffering has stopped. I will never forget you dear friend. I love you. In truth, he counts among the most wonderful human beings I have ever known–generous, kind, light, uncomplicated, funny and loving. Your passing leaves a hole in my heart.”

Jim was right; one of the very darknest stages in life is our death. But, God doesn’t want you to suffer more, so he give you freedom to rest. I know you’re a good person and we will never forget the smile, joy, laughter and real happiness you gave and shared to every Filipino.

You’re our Hee Man! You will be MISSED! May you rest in peace Cirpriano Cermeno II a.k.a. Redford White…


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