Hostage taking @ Quirino Grandstand – August 23, 2010

Hostage Taking @ Quirino Grandstand

What happened?

Former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, reportedly committed a terrorist act by taking 25 hostages who were Chinese/Hongkong Nationals including the Filipino Driver and Photographer.

According to the victims, Mendoza asked if he can board the Tourist Bus at the Intramuros. He’s wearing a navy suit with his gun (So who wouldn’t let him in? That’s how Filipinos respect a stranger wearing a navy suit?)

asdadsadsa.jpg picture by thyrene
Rolando Mendoza (Image credit here)

When the bus reached Rizal Park, near the stage where President Noynoy Aquino took his oath last June 30, 2010, he incredibly declared that he was taking the Bus Hostage with his M-16 and 45 Caliber Pistols.

Who was Rolando Mendoza? He was a former Policeman with a good record, considered as one of the most outstanding Police officers in the late 1990’s and served the government for 20 years. However, a guy named Christian Kalaw filed a case against Mendoza including 4 other police officers related to robbery extortion. In late 2009, Mendoza had been removed from his position because of this extortion incident.

The Hostage situation started around 10:00am, August 23, 2010. Towards the afternoon, a few hostages had been released. Mendoza asked a reporter to become his negotiator but the Police Officers wouldn’t let the media come near the Bus just lik the civilians.

Mendoza’s wife and daughter went to the place where the Hostage taking was happening and asked the Police officers if they can go to the Bus and talk to Mendoza, but again the Police officers won’t let them.

Mendoza is asking for a result from the Ombudsman, “I want a decision on my case to be delivered by the following people,” according to a former partner and co-policeman, Mendoza was a nice guy and good at his job and because of losing his position, it lead him to perform this hostage takeover of a Tourist bus, in order to send his message to everyone and clear his name once and for all.

Eventually, the Driver escaped, and he told everyone outside that all Hostages were dead!

Around 8:30pm, tear gas had been released inside the Bus and then continuous gun shots rang out. 1 Civilian near the area was accidentally hit by a bullet on his leg.

A few minutes later, a sniper gun shoots Mendoza – dead!

All of the hostages are brought outside one by one, but unfortunately most are dead bodies.

One of the Hostage Victims who survived.

There are 6 Victims brought to Manila Hospital who were still reported alive, but according to the Dr., 2 Victims are dead upon arrival.

Outside the hostage taking, after the suspect was shot, civilians mass around the crime scene
In my opinion, the police screwed up by firing their weapons before they knew that the gunman was dead. So many people died because of their mistake, but we will probably never know exactly how many or will justice really be served.
Recreated Video of Hostage Bus Drama in the Philippines, Manila
Let’s pray for the people who died because of this incident and hope that they will get their peaceful mind with Gods embrace.

31 thoughts on “Hostage taking @ Quirino Grandstand – August 23, 2010

  1. So sad what happened, thanks for getting us the info right after it occurred.

    God bless the families and friends of those affected, we’ll pray for you!

  2. bobo ung mga police……kung mas maaga pa nila ginawa ung pag snipe di sana walang nadale na mga HK nationals…..

    nasa bad publicity na naman ang Pilipinas ngaun…

  3. kulang tlga sa tactics mga police. inintay png maggabi at marami ng namatay bago pinabaril sa sniper ung hostage taker.

    bagsak n nmn turismo ng Phil.

  4. Bloody awfull, I hate when innocent people get there lifes taken by a person whose on a rampage… The worlds lost itself; It truely has. Hope the tourists who were still apparently live, Survive.

  5. This is madly disappointing. My deepest condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. Truly very embarrassing how the authorities handled the situation. It was very obvious how our policemen lacked the training, clearly unequipped and very much incompetent. And to even think there was only one hostage taker!

    1. Clearly no proper planning made prior to the assault.
    2. None whatsoever strategy to even find the emergency exit of the bus earlier.
    3. Not one showed intelligence to check if hostages were alive.
    4. Inexperience hostage negotiator.
    5. Do our policemen ever watch a hostage taking situation in their training to at least get an idea on using mirrors, tear gas masks, night visions, distracting the hostage taker with multiple and series of actions from the outside, etc. ?

    And furthermore disappointing was not having enough policemen to keep civilians away from the affected area to allow more room for the victims to be transferred to ambulances. Is this not part of an SOP procedure?

    I cannot blame the Hongkong government to react enormously on this and to demand full account from our authorities. With due respect, they deserve it the most.

    I love the Philippines, my country, but I find this very shameful to the whole world. How I pray our authorities will do better next time. This is the time to admit they need more training, more strategies and more equipment. Please, government of the Philippines, help our policemen do their job.

    And to Gloria Arroyo, in the 2 terms you were on the seat as President of the Philippines, are you proud to have seen what our policemen are capable of? Or do you even care? Shame on you!

  6. lagi nalang huli ang mga bwisit na police sa mga ganyang insedente . sa mga walang kwentang bagay lagi silang handa pero sa mga ganyan pangyayari tatanga tanga na kulang kulang pa!! sana naman matuto na tayo sa mga ganyang pangyayari. at sana napanuod yun ni NOYNOY…shame on you!!

  7. Not only do the officers need rigid technical traiining, but also on psychological testing and be taught to practice proper morals and values at all times

  8. .. kung hahagisan din nman ng tear gas ang bus dpt nung maaga pa…grabe nsira 2loy ang pilipinas s tourismo..kawaw ung mga nmtay pumunta cla d2 pra mkita ang bansa ntin tpos pguwi nung iba ngdadalamhati..dhil s pgpnaw ng knilang ibang ksma..

  9. PNP’s are really dissapointed.they didnt do anything before the hostages was killed.beside they didnt do the same thing when they practice the thing.condolences for those chinese people who was died.

  10. Dapat malutas yan ng ating pangulu na si P-NOY kc xa lang ang my krapatan na mag husga sa ating country, at d dapat husgaAn ang ating PNP kc mga tao lng cla na ngka2mali nOBODY cannot perFect exept gOD. Kaya sna maAyus ang ating bAnsa ang atng P-NOY para d pgtwanan ng ibng bAnza atng country.

  11. kulang talaga sa siminar yong mga pulis.. pagdating sa ganong sitwasyon… palagi kasing naka tambay sa persento,, yan ang napala…. isa pa,, d dapat binaboy yaong kapatid ni mendoza na ikinagagalit ng hostage taker. mga pulis walang silbi….!!!!!!!!!!!!! sira na talaga ang mga image niyo… nadadaay pa yong iba… na sincere sa serbisyo..

  12. hello po, pwd ko po bang magamit ang information na ito para sa research paper namin??? complete kasi siya and at the same time naka-summary na… pls po? miss thyrene???

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