Happy Holidays All

So many things have happened. It’s been 2 months since my last update in my blog. I smell the spirit of Christmas. Been busy working, playing, spending time with my love and family. I need to hurry to start updating my blog again.

Too many plans, hoping to get a surprise before xmas that I can’t mention yet. Been thinking about making this blog as an update in anything and everything except for my personal life and put that on a new URL.

So what else is new?! Hmmm… Same old, same old… Preparing for Christmas and New Years now! I’ll start to be active again. I guess I’ve been addicted to an mmorpg and forget to update some of my stuff. I need to work on this again.
Thank you so much everyone for the support and those unique visitors I have everyday! I’ll do my best to be an active blogger again.

Happy Holidays All

inside my room (^_^)


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