Gone long, back for Holy Week

OMG I guess I don’t have much time to do my blog anymore… I’ve been busy for the last few months, I even forgot to enjoy the little things in my life.

Well, I’ll share some of the things I still remember, last April 21st, I celebrated my Holy Week with my family and my co-worker, who become one of my closest friends. We met at my new place, and went to a church called Grotto Church in Bulacan. We spent a little bit of time there doing chitchat and visiting the church, then later on we went to my place.

Later at night, me, my friend and my family, we returned to Grotto Church walking together with hundreds and hundreds of people. This is how Filipinos celebrate their holidays. It’s a 1 week vacation for everyone, and it’s either they enjoy it through activities like swimming or doing the traditional cultural actions; something we call, “Visita Iglesias”. For more information about Philippines Holy Week, you can visit this url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Week_in_the_Philippines

Sample Images taken by myself:

Grotto Church in Bulacan

People from Grotto Church

You can also check the images I’ve taken last Holy Week:
My Holy Week Gallery

I will try my best to update more…


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