All about Business & Government ID’s

I’ve been working for almost 4 years and up until now, I wasn’t able to fix my government ID.

The reasons are the following:

  •  I don’t have enough time to process it during my work schedules.
  •  I’m working on graveyard shift and I won’t have enough sleep to work for the next day if I will stay up to file for an ID.
  • Most of the time, my day-off falls during the weekend
  • During my free time, I am spending time with Kurt (my son) and my family.
  • The SSS & TIN is far from the place where I am staying/living.

And many more reasons… I stopped working as an employee last year and started to work from home as a Marketing Consultant, Content Manager, Game Master and Community Manager. I wasn’t able to fix my government papers and so on and so forth. I love this kind of job, working from home on your preferred hours and spending time with my son and family is the best. So I started to think of “why shouldn’t I make my own business and let the company contract me” so that, I won’t worry about how to pay taxes in my country when I know I’m earning my own money. The new company that is contracting me right now was the influence to encourage me to establish my own business.  In that way, everything is legal and I can pay my taxes as a self-employed person.

So then this month, I am pushing myself to get at least one of the Government Issued IDs before my appearance at the US Embassy, Manila.

Today, I went to the BIR Office where I need to claim my TIN ID. I filed it a long time ago, and wasn’t able to claim it. I talked to one of the officers, she said that it’s a very long time ago and they weren’t sure if the ID is still in their locker.

On my way to BIR, this is a view from the LRT Station – Doroteo Jose

There are so many people in that line at that time, so she as a favor asked if I could help her search the cards 1 by 1. I smiled and I said yes… while turning the card one by one, I notice that those ID are from unclaimed, I’ve been wishing that my ID is still there. Then, I feel so sad when the letters already skip my surname but its fine. She did try her best to help me, gave me her advice to fill out the form again, and the date where I can claim my TIN ID is on May 17th.

I stayed there for almost one hour and after that I’m heading back home, and for the first time ever in my whole life of using public transportation, this is the very first time I ride in an Air-conditioned Jeepney. Inside it looks like a small bus. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo after I dropped down into Gil Puyat Station.

This is a view of passengers in LRT- Gil Puyat Station

Signage saying “Do not go down on trackside”, “No Spitting” and “KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from the Platform Edge”.

I dropped down to Carriedo Station, thinking that I can still make it to NBI so I can renew my old NBI. The security guard says that NBI Clearance has been moved to Victory Mall Monumento. I thought that they just opened a new branch before; I didn’t know that they totally moved.

While heading back, I saw these people selling their wares on the street:

And then, I’m too late to process my NBI, they said they were closed. I just took a photo inside the elevator of Victory Mall. The location of the NBI Clearance is located on the 5th floor.

Victory Mall

Next Blog: How to process your Mayor’s Permit…


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  1. It can be rare to find qualified persons with this issue, however you be understood as you understand exactly what you are dealing with! Thank you

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