The Philippines X-Men Robinson’s Mall Tour: June 1, 2011 Advance Screening X-Men: First Class

Credit to Robinsons Movieworld

Recently, my group mates and I in the Philippines X-Men Cosplay Team, had been contacted by Robinsons to amuse the moviegoers who were about to watch the X-Men: First Class movie. Our team leader agreed with Robinsons, so then our group was divided up and sent to each Mall each day. I voluntary came last June 1st for the advance screening with my 2 siblings and sister-in-law.

Robinsons gave us lots of free passes and even more passes to other members of Phil. X-Men, but sadly the passes were only valid for that day and can’t be used after that. So, one of our leaders gave me 3 passes for my siblings and sister-in-law.

The X-Men Advance Screening Passes:

I asked my brother Myles to take photos of us while we are in our costumes. The line is pretty long, as people started to line up around 7:00pm and we are standing at the back of the “Cars”. The X-Men posters are inside, after the Ticket Section, so we don’t have any background to utilize.

The Moviegoers line for advance screening.

Here are the sample shots taken last June 1st.


Our Group

Photo Opportunity before the show starts

Prof. X, Domino, Phoenix, Wolverine

Our Special Seats

Inside the Cinema

More photos here:


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