The Philippines X-Men Cosplay Team June 4, 2011 X-Men: First Class “X-Force” @ Robinson Manila

I as Domino, Cable, Pyro, Spyke and Gambit was assigned in Robinson Manila last day (June 4, 2011). Call time is 1:00pm and I arrived around 1:20pm and started to prepare because the appearances will start at 2:00 and last until 6:00pm.

I’m in a bit of a hurry to put my make up on but I stay calm and relaxed or else while putting on the white make up, I will have perspiration and get sweaty. My hands are kind of shaking, I wasn’t able to eat my lunch and only drank coffee when I left my home. My sister-in-law fixes my hair a bit before I leave too. She gave me half a piece of corn while I’m on my way to Robinsons Manila. Haha! Yeah! My breakfast and lunch is that – Corn 🙂

When I’m good to go, I wait for the 4 of them to go outside the Men’s CR and to bring our belongings to a safe area, where no robbers are allowed 🙂

I don’t know what to do yet, it’s different compared to June 1st. We stayed at the back of ticketing booth where there is an X-Men Poster and free face painting for people of all ages that’s going to watch X-Men: First Class.

We also take a solo shot for each of us.





Domino and Cable

Action shots with Spyke

My Epic shot with Cable. BTW, Cable is Domino’s Partner in X-Force.

More information about Domino here: and here:

So then, some kids arrived and asked to have pictures taken with us and it continuously happened, before they have their face painted, they asked first to have pictures with us or sometimes adults also asked to have our pictures taken with them.

After an hour, there was a guy who came and assisted us to go around the Mall. We went to the First Floor and walked to every side of the mall up to the 4th Floor. Some people who passed by asked us to take some pictures with their kids. Then, when we came back, we took a break and ate our food. They brought us KFC with some kind of Chicken Fillet. Our break was around 4:15pm until right before 5:00pm.

I am so hungry and I feel like a monster while I am eating.  Then, after that, there are still people who are asking to have pictures even those people who are not watching X-Men. It’s free and it’s our pleasure to have them taken our pictures.

Before we finish, we ask the guy from the mobile to take a photo of us for a group shot. We copied the poster!

From Left to Right: Spyke, Domino, Cable, Pyro and Gambit.

I really had a great time yesterday with my team mates even though we are only few.  All of the Philippines X-Men Team will be seen at the upcoming TOYCON 2011, June 19, 2011 @ SM Megamall

See you all there!


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