Life is like a Time Machine

It’s been quite a while since my last blog update. It is true that when you are stressed, you can’t write anything. This is especially true if the people who surround you are giving you more headaches. Sometimes I wish that I could turn back the time, but if I did, then I may not have the most important person in my life – my son.

I admit that I am not satisfied with the life I have right now… And I can’t enjoy it to the fullest. Sometimes I am staring at some old pictures in my past and wishing to go back to that moment. Just like the movie, Butterfly Effect 2.

Butterfly Effect 2

But, I believe the same as that story that no matter how you keep going back to the past and trying to fix it, there’s only 2 results that would occur, either you make it worse or it will end up the same.

Life is too short, we cannot multiply, we cannot subtract but we can divide or add. I wish I could multiply my life so I could spend more time and achieve my goals. I’m afraid that after 30 years or so, I am still standing at the same spot without progress. I wish that I could check the book of my future to see who I am going to be with, how many kids I will have and what life am I going to have. Will it take 5 years to fulfill that? 10?

Time Machine

I wish there was a way to figure it all out. I don’t want to be one of the people who divided their life too much and attempted suicide because they can’t handle their lives anymore. I still believe in God for giving us all of our trials and I know that everything happens for a reason.


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