Eternally at rest…

I can’t believe that I skipped almost 2 months without updating my blog; I guess I’m way too busy with my real life and facing too many problems at the same time. I don’t even have time to update my other social networking sites.

It’s been a saddening month for me as I lost one of my closest friends from my childhood. When I first heard the news, I couldn’t even function and my tears kept falling and I don’t know if I will believe it or not. There’s something I’ve wanted to tell him for so long, and not about any affection. I feel like I want to blame myself for not going there during the time my best friend told me to visit him because he’s weak. I don’t know if he’s in the hospital or what because they didn’t give me the full details. So I thought, it’s just normal sick. I posted something on his Facebook, I thought that he’s active and just realized that it was a spam application. Last August 27th, I asked how he is; at first I thought he’s ignoring me, ‘cause there’s a wall post every day.  I felt terrible even after a week or so, and he died… His mom passed away 2 years ago and his dad left them earlier this year, so only he and his sister are living alone and his brother has his own family.  His sister cannot afford to bring him to the hospital and what sucks is you cannot live in this country if you don’t have money.

You don’t have a choice between life and death without money. The only choice you have is death and that is the reason why he died. If only the hospitals in this country helped out people who can’t afford to pay medicine or anything just to rescue their lives. That would be one of the greatest changes that this country could ever offer. There are only few percent of hospitals who have a kind enough heart to let people live when they don’t have money. I really, really hate talking about money, and I hate that the world cannot function without money and that we need to live and deal with it.

R.I.P. Philip Lizano, I will miss you, those good times that we had when we are young together with our other friends, those jamming, singing, laughing trips and more… You may be dead physically but you will live forever in our hearts. Take care and we know you’re happy now where you are. We love you…


One thought on “Eternally at rest…

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. And yeah, you’re right! It’s sad and unfortunate that our Philippine hospitals have this policy of only helping those with money. Doctors and nurses are supposed to help people in need of medical care, especially those who are clinging for their lives. It is a common picture in our hospitals wherein emergency patients, bleeding to death, or having hard time breathing being told to move out of the premises for not having money for down payment. Sometimes they would let them in, but they will stop applying care once they have determined that the patient and his families don’t have any money. This has happened to my uncle who recently suffered from stroke. The staffs almost refused to take him in until my cousin called my folks to guarantee payment. Now, I know hospitals have their own reasons for doing this. We have so many poor people in the country and if the hospitals take them in for free, they would go bankrupt. I hope our government will do something about this, like allocating money for each family living in poverty. But it’s a far stretch given the current status of our economy and the level of corruption we have in the country. I wonder how our doctors and nurses feel every time they refuse to help those poor patients, and knowing that they will die without their help.

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