Trip to Cebu Part 1

Today, I’m going to share my experiences of visiting Cebu City. I know it’s a bit late, since I went there July 22nd through the 24th; it has been almost 2 weeks now.

My flight was very early in the morning at 4:20am on the 22nd at (MNL) NAIA Terminal 3. Everything is unplanned, I haven’t been there before, and I don’t have relatives there either. When Cebu Pacific Air had their Promo last February, I asked my friend if we can go there. She agreed, and since our schedules were different during that time, we thought work wouldn’t be affected. Things changed, and the days went by so fast that we didn’t even notice it is already July. The last day I was to travel to Manila from where I am staying, I remembered that one of my friends from our Philippines X-Men Cosplay Group lives in Cebu and she sometimes travels to Manila to attend conventions. I talked to her on the 21st of July before I met my friend at the SM Mall of Asia. I was so thankful that she agreed to pick us up at the Cebu Airport and lead us to where we can stay safely.

My friend and I decided to sleep in the Airport until our flight, since it’s very hard to travel late at night. I arrived at the SM Mall of Asia around 9:30pm and my friend arrived around 11:00pm. We ate at McDonalds and then headed to NAIA Terminal 3. We kept laughing because we didn’t have any plans, not even places we should visit.

I learned that day that many people who have an early flight sleep in the Terminal. Choose your spot! Most travelers are sleeping in the chairs and many utilize the nearby outlets to charge their gadgets.

Naia Terminal 3

We used the web check-in so we didn’t need to fall in line, then they told us to talk to one of the personnel to get our gate number. Here’s how the waiting area looked like.

Waiting area in Naia 3

Here is our gate number.

Here is our gate number.

We patiently waited until they called our Flight number when it was ready to board. We fell in line and then they verified each passenger.

We hopped on the Cebu Pacific Bus that shuttled us to our plane. I love the music on the bus, even the people from Europe were chilling out.

Inside the Cebu Pacific Bus

The Plane was not that far and here’s a short video clip of the bus ride.

It’s raining during that time; I wish I was able to take a clip of how they assisted each passenger to avoid getting wet. We went out one by one and they protected us with a huge yellow umbrella.

Here is how the plane looked inside, it’s small but neato!

I’m beside the window, and the view was pretty awesome… I do love the clouds so much, minus the sound wave that is killing my ears. I was so tired; I didn’t realize that we took off as I fell asleep. When I finally opened my eyes, it’s already morning! Here is how the clouds looked:

And then we are ready to land in Cebu. The video is 6 minutes long. The weather in the south isn’t bad compared to the weather in Manila at that time.

 We arrived in Mactan Airport safely and here is how it looked:

Mactan Airport

Here is a nice but simple welcome from our friend in Cebu

This is the place where we stayed:

We rested for a bit and when we woke up… Our journey began…


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