How to get an Occupational Permit in the Philippines?

Hi everyone! It’s very overwhelming for me that you guys keep visiting my blog, especially my entry about “How to get a mayor’s permit” and “how to get a student license”. I tried my best to reply to all of your inquiries via email. Please make sure that you include a valid email when commenting on any of my posts (just in case your comment warrants a reply). Also, please remember that I do not work for the government; all of my posts are based on my personal experiences.

There are a lot of inquiries on how to get an Occupational Permit. I guess it is time to tackle the difference between a Mayor’s (Business) Permit and an Occupational Permit.

As of today, workers are required to get an Occupational permit from city hall – based on which city they’re planning to work. All you have to do is go the BPLO (Business Permit and Licensing Office) in the city hall you choose and ask for an application form for an Occupational Permit.

Below is an example image of the application form:

Occupational Permit Example


High Res:

You will need the following details to complete the application form:

  • Police clearance paperwork
  • Medical certificate number
  • Occupational tax info
  • Mayor’s permit fee

I’ve never tried this before and I lack the information regarding the Occupational tax and mayor’s permit fees. But I think the BPLO in charge will take care of it. (Don’t worry; I will clarify this as soon as I visit our city hall again)


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