Because it is Halloween, let’s talk about the celebrities who are currently dead but continue to earn big money.

Who do you think is earning the most? Did you know they are still making so much despite being a corpse?

I myself guessed the person in the #1 spot and boom! I was right! Let’s see if your guesses are correct too 🙂

Rank/Name/Earnings this year (2014)

James Dean_Thyrene

#13 James Dean $7m



#12 Bruce Lee $9m



#11 Steve McQueen $9m

Dr. Seuss_Thyrene

#10 Theodore Geisel “Dr. Seuss” $9m

Bettie Page_thyrene

#9 Bettie Page (former model) $9m

Albert Einstein_thyrene

#8 Albert Einstein $11.5m

John Lennon_thyrene

#7 John Lennon $12m

marilyn monroe_thyrene

#6 Marilyn MOnroe #17m


#5 Bob Marley $20m

elizabeth taylor_thyrene

#4 Elizabeth Taylor $25m


#3 Charles Schulz (Peanuts cartoon) $40m


#2 Elvis Presley $55m


#1 Michael Jackson $140m



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