Hallowmas – or let’s say All Saint’s Day (Undas in the Philippines) is held each year from the 31st of October until the 2nd of November. Most of the time, Filipinos will travel to their provinces with their family. Most Filipino students are very happy because during this holiday there’s a week-long semester break from their studies, which resume the Monday after Nov. 2nd. It is also the time when relatives have their reunions in the graveyard with their loved ones.

I went to Pampanga with our family to visit my tito (uncle) and my lola’s (grandmother) grave. I brought my SLR camera as well to take some photos. Usually, others will travel on the 30th of October to avoid traffic but we traveled on All Saint’s day. We started packing our stuff around 6am on Nov. 1st. We left our house @ 8am GMT +8. My brother was the one driving, since no one else likes commuting. There’s no traffic until we passed the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway).


Once past that we started having traffic in San Juan, Sta. Ana Pampanga. It’s around 9:45am, an hour passed and we’re still on San Juan. The weather is very very hot and the car’s temperature started to go up until it hit the red line. We had to stop over so that my brother can put some water in his car’s radiator.


We ran out of water and were glad that there’s a house nearby. My boyfriend and I went inside and asked if we can have some water because our car overheated, they said it’s fine. We filled up the 1 gallon jug of water twice. My boyfried wanted to give them a little money but I told him I don’t have any small bills and I think it’s fine since it is the province. We thank them for their kindness and started moving on.

The traffic died down as soon as we passed the Sta. Ana church. We reached my uncle’s house around noon. They prepared the Pampanga’s food delicacy called “buro or balo-balo” ( I don’t know what it is called in english LOL) and grilled fish. We ate, chilled, had some chit-chat and relaxed for a bit and then we started to take some pictures.



mount arayat

Mount Arayat

Doesn’t Mt. Arayat look amazing? ^_^

2 hours later, my auntie and her daughters prepared another food dish for our Meryenda. They cooked delicious sopas and yummy palitaws.


We went to relax under a tree and started singing Karaoke again. We started preparing to go to my uncle and grandmother’s graves. I forgot the name of the cemetery but it’s nearby the Arayat-Magalang tricycle terminal and Puregold Arayat as well.

mom doing karaoke

Since most of the public cemeteries in PH are crowded, we have to carefully step on some graves to utilize a shortcut way to our relatives tombstones. It is not considered disrespectful as long as there is no one visiting that grave. If they were it would look bad if you step on it while relatives are around praying for their beloved ones.

1010117_10204650063959059_3017457406424734469_n 10009276_10204650061959009_5532659758443210746_n 10626792_10204650068959184_7757808967506534048_n

We reached my uncle and grandmother’s tombstones and started lighting the candles and praying for their souls. We hung out there, had some chit-chat and I took some more shots.

Uncle and Lola's Graveyard

Uncle and Lola’s Graveyard

Usually, we wait until the candles run out, however for some reason there’s a lot of mosquitos during this trip so we decided to go home earlier than usual.

We want back to my uncle’s house, visited more and eat dinner. We took a short nap and then went home around midnight to avoid traffic and the “overheat” probem again. We arrived back home at around 2:00am.

Home sweet home! See ya again next time Pampanga!


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