Alisah Bonaobra – viral girl passes blind Audition on The Voice of the Philippines!

Do you remember the girl with the talented voice who went viral few months ago?


A guy from Denmark took the video and uploaded it on youtube. The guy isn’t really as good with his English spelling as his wife stated on their video, so please avoid trolling his typographical errors XD

Here’s the video of Alisah Bonaobra singing “Let It Go” at Robinson’s Manila:

Yesterday, she tried her luck singing in The Voice Philippines, Season 2. She really has a great voice and can twist it from one genre to another. Just like her version of Let it go vs the song that she used for her audition on The Voice.

Alisah Bonaobra sings Domino

Wish her luck on her journey!

An awesome conversation with her mom
Yssa: Ma, kapag ako talaga naging mayaman, bibili ako ng sarili nating bahay gagayahin ko ang ginagawa ni Cesar Millan. Magooccupy ako ng isang malaking malaking malaking lote at doon ko papatirahin ang kawawang mga aso’t pusa na inabandona. Papasayahin ko sila dun!! (Ma, if I become rich, I’ll buy our own house and do what Cesar Millan did. I’ll occupy a very big lot and I will adopt the dogs and cats that were abandoned. I will make them happy).
Mama Luz: ‘Wag ka na humanap ng ibang lugar! Kahit magstay na sila kasama natin kapag nakabili na tayo ng malaking bahay! (Don’t find a new place! We can all stay together if we buy a big house!)
Yssa: Sa parang backyard ma? (In a place like the backyard mother?)
Mama Luz: Oo! Gusto ko kasama natin sila. Kahit ilan pa!! (Yes, I want us to live with them. No matter how many!)
— Haaay! Dahil sa sinabing ito ni Mama Luzviminda, lalo akong naeeager na magkaroon kami ng MALAKING MALAKING bahay!” (Hayyy! Because of what Mama Luzviminda said, I am more eager to have our own big house!)

You can follow her on facebook:


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