Fish – fly for up to 45 seconds out of water

A fish can fly for up to 45 seconds out of water? Yes! That’s true! Many of you might have already seen this but I love to share it.

So many people are asking the question, “Can you have a fish out of water?” The answer is yes and there’s a lot of species of fish that can breath air and crawl over land. This one that I’m about to share is very amazing and one of a kind.


Have you seen flying fish that can spend 45 seconds in flight? If you don’t then this one will surprise you. These Flying fish have wing-like fins that enable gliding flight. They can fly around 160ft and cover distances up to 1,300ft. They are able to travel at 70 km/hour with a maximum altitude of 20 ft. above the surface of the sea.

When they know that they are in danger, they use their flying skills to evade predators.

Watch this video:

Here’s the clip of the 45 second flight of a flying fish:

I hope I get to see this amazing creature one day!


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