Children – they are a gift from above. Their innocence as a child makes their parents joyous and proud. Kids are also a key to removing stress. Childhood memories are times that parents remember most. Parents will do almost anything to make their children feel happy and secure.

Sometimes, life isn’t perfect. No matter how loving a parent is, there are always struggles. A life can be taken at any minute of any day. One family in the United Kingdom gave so much love to their precious son. But one day, without and warning or symptoms, their child Jayden was dignosed by Neuro Brain Specialists with a grade 4 brain stem tumor. Together they are facing a battle and hoping for a miracle. At the moment, Jayden is only 5 years old and has been given 1 short year to live.


His dad is a professional Parkour and Free Running Acrobatic performer. At Jayden’s 5th birthday, his father surprised him by wearing a Spiderman costume. The precious smile Jayden displayed after seeing Spidernan, his favorite superhero, demonstrates how overwhelmingly happy his parents are that they can bring him happiness during this life-threatening ordeal.


Watch the Amazing SpiderDad suprising Jayden during his 5th birthday:

Let’s show our support and bring a miracle to Jayden!

Hope for Jayden’s FB Page


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