Welcome 2016

Another year has gone, good bye 2015 and hello 2016!

Last year I wasn’t with my family and I celebrated New Year’s eve at my boyfriend’s house. This time, I celebrated it with my family, too bad my other sister is in Caloocan and she can’t travel to Bulacan. Anyway, I prepare Macaroni Salad and a Carbonara. I did few searches before making my Carbonara with a twist. Usually the Carbonara toppings only include bacon, ham, parsley etc., I added Corned beef and MaLing and then cut into squares (I didn’t mix it with the Carbonara sauce).


I woke up early and worked until 19:00 my time, then I started preparing our food. We didn’t have a lot compared to last year, I’m broke because we’ve been fixing our house since last November. I’ve been waiting and I called my older sister so they can join us.

Before I forget, my youngest sister just gave birth last month! I thought it would be the same as my father’s birthday but she delivered afterwards.


We waited until the clock turned to 23:59… We were counting down, then we started yelling, “Happy New Year”. We celebrate our New Year while drinking and doing karaoke. Filipinos really really love karaoke, it’s like any of our events wouldn’t be complete without karaoke.

We all got drunk and they kept going. I can’t catch up to them and finally slept around 03:00.

Happy New Year everyone!


Playstation 4 Commercial – The Doctor

Do you guys remember this recent Ad from Sony Europe? She’s a sexy doctor who’s talking about the PS4. In the video, she states the following:

“I know you’ve already done it today, and I bet you really enjoyed yourself. How many times did you do it yesterday? Are you afraid you’re doing it too often? In your bedroom under the blankets or perhaps you prefer the kitchen or the toilet or do you like it out in the garden? You know what? You no longer have to feel ashamed, everybody’s doing it because it’s fantastic and now you can keep going all day long. Don’t you like that? You don’t even need to stop. And if you want to, you can even join me!” – PS VITA REMOTE PLAY never STOP PLAYING.

You can watch the video here:

After receiving a lot of complaints and comments, Sony took down “The Doctor” ad last week. However, they haven’t said anything yet as to why they removed it from the EU Youtube channel. If there isn’t a video, you may actually think she’s talking about male masterbation. She has a very seductive voice. I wonder if other male players out there use her voice in their fantasies.

the doctor ps4 ad

The ad isn’t really as bad as some people think. It’s just nowadays, people are very narrow-minded or conservative. However, that is also the point of doing this ad – to get attention and at the same time to promote their flagship PS4.

League of Legends – Share-a-coke!

League of Legends – Share-a-coke!

Oh no!!! Look what I’ve found! In our country, we only have the original name written on Coca-Cola products, but these are awesome! I hope that Garena [the publisher of LoL in PH] will soon be in partnership in the Coca-cola distributor here in PH and make these available for us to own!

share a coke with league of legendsI’m going to collect all of them!!! ❤

Source: http://www.gamezone.com/news/riot-games-partnership-lets-you-share-a-coke-with-league-of-legends-champions

League of Legends – My first MOBA game!

I’ve never been a fan of MOBA games until I learned about League of Legends. I started the game without any ideas, never having read of any reviews or guides.

I remember my older brother and nephew playing it last year. A few months later after my guild and I quit Forbidden Kingdom Online – an MMORPG – I heard that many members, including my boyfriend, are playing LoL (League of Legends). I had no idea on how to play it, they told me that it looks like DotA, however I had never played DotA before either.

I started playing in August of last year. After a month and half, I had my first PentaKill. Before the 3rd season ended, I did my provisionary and achieved the Silver Division. Sometimes playing, especially in PH servers, makes me stressed out. So many players will mess around if someone TT’s (trash talks) them, and others will intentionally feed other players by dying on purpose (this makes the enemy heroes stronger). So usually when it happens, most of us think they are kids playing in an Internet Cafe. You’ll read a message something like, “tulog na mga bata my pasok pa bukas” (go to sleep kids, you have school tomorrow), “noob” and more…

I’m so addicted with LoL and I wanted a Teemo Hat. Finally they are selling it at an unofficial event that is sponsored and hosted at UP Diliman. I went there with my boyfriend and we bought few t-shirts and of course, my teemo hat. I got them in November of last year.

teemohat tshirts

LoL T-shirts

Wearing my Teemo hat

Wearing my Teemo hat

In PH servers, usually players are playing on Summoner’s Rift > Normal Blind Pick > Ranked Solo/Duo. I heard players in other countries prefer ARAM. I tried it but I ended up waiting more than 30 minutes and still the game hadn’t started.

I’m still active in game and now Season 4 just ended. I’m currently at Platinum V and still enjoying the game. The only problem is, the graphics detail keep increasing and i dont know if my laptop will be able to keep up!

Introducing the PisoFan :)

My brother and I were testing this machine to use for his Pisonet dekstop computers. It’s not really for our electricfan. 😛

Usually we use these types of machines for arcade games right?


But few years ago, internet cafe’s started to use Pisonet machines, a very affordable way for players or people who don’t have enough money to pay the full computer rental cost.


With PisoNet, people spend 1 peso which gives them 5 minutes of surfing or playing. Affordable isn’t it? The CPU stays on, the Pisonet machine only turns off the monitor from the computer.

EGiPlay 2010 @ Starmall, Edsa – September 4, 2010

Yesterday, September 4, 2010 I went to EGi Play 2010 at Starmall, Edsa – Philippines. Traveling almost 2 hours away from home through MRT and LRT Station to be part of the Rappelz Launch Party Event.


The event was well organized and everyone had a blast. I had a great time talking to the event organizer, however If they hadn’t run out of T-shirts before I got to the front of the line, it would have been a perfect outing T__T.







MMOGames News: http://mmogames.com/gamenews/2423/mmo-rappelz-launch-party-egiplay-2010-video-plus-pics/

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Aion v1.9 Release Tomorrow

NCSoft is scheduled to release Aion 1.9, the latest installment of award-winning MMO tomorrow afternoon, June 2, 2010. The Aion v1.9 update features new content and game enhancements. This update sets the stage for the recently revealed AION: Assault on Balaurea.
After waiting for so long, Aion is now ready for the v1.9… North American and European Players who haven’t tried this game will really enjoy the new feature. And those who’s looking for a comeback, here’s your chance to explore the beauty of Aion and the great battle combat with the newly update of v1.9
The Aion 1.9 update includes:
•        New Class Skills
•        New Zone Quests
•        Daily Quests
•        Increased Experience Point Gain
•        Increased Quest Rewards and Drop Rates
•        Enhanced User Interface
•        Click –> HERE! for more info of Aion 1.9

Scheduled of Server Maintenance:

Aion NA Server: at 4:30 a.m. PDT, June 2, 2010

Aion EU Server: at noon/12.00 p.m. BST, June 2, 2010

Note: The server will be down for up to 8 hrs. Aion 1.9 will be downloaded automatically from the NCsoft launcher upon loading…

Aion 1.9 Podcast featuring the NCSoft Aion Crew