Welcome 2016

Another year has gone, good bye 2015 and hello 2016!

Last year I wasn’t with my family and I celebrated New Year’s eve at my boyfriend’s house. This time, I celebrated it with my family, too bad my other sister is in Caloocan and she can’t travel to Bulacan. Anyway, I prepare Macaroni Salad and a Carbonara. I did few searches before making my Carbonara with a twist. Usually the Carbonara toppings only include bacon, ham, parsley etc., I added Corned beef and MaLing and then cut into squares (I didn’t mix it with the Carbonara sauce).


I woke up early and worked until 19:00 my time, then I started preparing our food. We didn’t have a lot compared to last year, I’m broke because we’ve been fixing our house since last November. I’ve been waiting and I called my older sister so they can join us.

Before I forget, my youngest sister just gave birth last month! I thought it would be the same as my father’s birthday but she delivered afterwards.


We waited until the clock turned to 23:59… We were counting down, then we started yelling, “Happy New Year”. We celebrate our New Year while drinking and doing karaoke. Filipinos really really love karaoke, it’s like any of our events wouldn’t be complete without karaoke.

We all got drunk and they kept going. I can’t catch up to them and finally slept around 03:00.

Happy New Year everyone!


Hair Dye

Last last month, my sister-in-law and I performed a little experiment with my hair. We decided to dye it blonde at the top and red at the bottom. It was my first time using full bleach, and I’m not sure if everyone has the same experience but it hurts a lot, burning like bloody hell!

I had to wait for an hour to wash it off, and I felt like crying… I walked and walked around, hoping that clocks will tick tock so fast!

Oh that experience was so bad, it makes me not want to color my hair ever again…

I’m not sure if it was the medicine, but at the end I did survive and here is the result:


Next, we did another experiment, but this time – I told my sister-in-law not to use bleach on my head. Instead she used a 9% solution on my roots only, because my black hair is already showing up. She tried putting some green color on the top of the faded red, and we are expecting that it will be a bit lighter. In the end it turned out to be darker!

Here’s the result:


Harharhar *evil laugh* now I’m thinking to do it by myself. Maybe pink next time? 😛 Who knows!

League of Legends – Share-a-coke!

League of Legends – Share-a-coke!

Oh no!!! Look what I’ve found! In our country, we only have the original name written on Coca-Cola products, but these are awesome! I hope that Garena [the publisher of LoL in PH] will soon be in partnership in the Coca-cola distributor here in PH and make these available for us to own!

share a coke with league of legendsI’m going to collect all of them!!! ❤

Source: http://www.gamezone.com/news/riot-games-partnership-lets-you-share-a-coke-with-league-of-legends-champions

League of Legends – My first MOBA game!

I’ve never been a fan of MOBA games until I learned about League of Legends. I started the game without any ideas, never having read of any reviews or guides.

I remember my older brother and nephew playing it last year. A few months later after my guild and I quit Forbidden Kingdom Online – an MMORPG – I heard that many members, including my boyfriend, are playing LoL (League of Legends). I had no idea on how to play it, they told me that it looks like DotA, however I had never played DotA before either.

I started playing in August of last year. After a month and half, I had my first PentaKill. Before the 3rd season ended, I did my provisionary and achieved the Silver Division. Sometimes playing, especially in PH servers, makes me stressed out. So many players will mess around if someone TT’s (trash talks) them, and others will intentionally feed other players by dying on purpose (this makes the enemy heroes stronger). So usually when it happens, most of us think they are kids playing in an Internet Cafe. You’ll read a message something like, “tulog na mga bata my pasok pa bukas” (go to sleep kids, you have school tomorrow), “noob” and more…

I’m so addicted with LoL and I wanted a Teemo Hat. Finally they are selling it at an unofficial event that is sponsored and hosted at UP Diliman. I went there with my boyfriend and we bought few t-shirts and of course, my teemo hat. I got them in November of last year.

teemohat tshirts

LoL T-shirts

Wearing my Teemo hat

Wearing my Teemo hat

In PH servers, usually players are playing on Summoner’s Rift > Normal Blind Pick > Ranked Solo/Duo. I heard players in other countries prefer ARAM. I tried it but I ended up waiting more than 30 minutes and still the game hadn’t started.

I’m still active in game and now Season 4 just ended. I’m currently at Platinum V and still enjoying the game. The only problem is, the graphics detail keep increasing and i dont know if my laptop will be able to keep up!

My 2014 Hallowmas experience

Hallowmas – or let’s say All Saint’s Day (Undas in the Philippines) is held each year from the 31st of October until the 2nd of November. Most of the time, Filipinos will travel to their provinces with their family. Most Filipino students are very happy because during this holiday there’s a week-long semester break from their studies, which resume the Monday after Nov. 2nd. It is also the time when relatives have their reunions in the graveyard with their loved ones.

I went to Pampanga with our family to visit my tito (uncle) and my lola’s (grandmother) grave. I brought my SLR camera as well to take some photos. Usually, others will travel on the 30th of October to avoid traffic but we traveled on All Saint’s day. We started packing our stuff around 6am on Nov. 1st. We left our house @ 8am GMT +8. My brother was the one driving, since no one else likes commuting. There’s no traffic until we passed the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway).


Once past that we started having traffic in San Juan, Sta. Ana Pampanga. It’s around 9:45am, an hour passed and we’re still on San Juan. The weather is very very hot and the car’s temperature started to go up until it hit the red line. We had to stop over so that my brother can put some water in his car’s radiator.


We ran out of water and were glad that there’s a house nearby. My boyfriend and I went inside and asked if we can have some water because our car overheated, they said it’s fine. We filled up the 1 gallon jug of water twice. My boyfried wanted to give them a little money but I told him I don’t have any small bills and I think it’s fine since it is the province. We thank them for their kindness and started moving on.

The traffic died down as soon as we passed the Sta. Ana church. We reached my uncle’s house around noon. They prepared the Pampanga’s food delicacy called “buro or balo-balo” ( I don’t know what it is called in english LOL) and grilled fish. We ate, chilled, had some chit-chat and relaxed for a bit and then we started to take some pictures.



mount arayat

Mount Arayat

Doesn’t Mt. Arayat look amazing? ^_^

2 hours later, my auntie and her daughters prepared another food dish for our Meryenda. They cooked delicious sopas and yummy palitaws.


We went to relax under a tree and started singing Karaoke again. We started preparing to go to my uncle and grandmother’s graves. I forgot the name of the cemetery but it’s nearby the Arayat-Magalang tricycle terminal and Puregold Arayat as well.

mom doing karaoke

Since most of the public cemeteries in PH are crowded, we have to carefully step on some graves to utilize a shortcut way to our relatives tombstones. It is not considered disrespectful as long as there is no one visiting that grave. If they were it would look bad if you step on it while relatives are around praying for their beloved ones.

1010117_10204650063959059_3017457406424734469_n 10009276_10204650061959009_5532659758443210746_n 10626792_10204650068959184_7757808967506534048_n

We reached my uncle and grandmother’s tombstones and started lighting the candles and praying for their souls. We hung out there, had some chit-chat and I took some more shots.

Uncle and Lola's Graveyard

Uncle and Lola’s Graveyard

Usually, we wait until the candles run out, however for some reason there’s a lot of mosquitos during this trip so we decided to go home earlier than usual.

We want back to my uncle’s house, visited more and eat dinner. We took a short nap and then went home around midnight to avoid traffic and the “overheat” probem again. We arrived back home at around 2:00am.

Home sweet home! See ya again next time Pampanga!

The Rhythm

It has taken so long for me to add something new. Actually, I really don’t know what to share anymore. It makes me feel like the sky gets darker each day. I might say it is perfect when people normally see it. I start questioning whenever I look up. I prefer not to be bothered by my problems and pretend that they aren’t there. Life is getting tougher as I age. I may be able to accomplish some things in my life, but I know for myself that it isn’t enough. I’m looking for something new;a new life, a new beginning.

It’s been a long time since I was with someone physically. I was in a long distance relationship for so long, ended not in failure but things didn’t work out how everyone wanted. When I fall in love, I start to lose interest in other activities. Well I guess you can say one of my worst emotions is loving too much. I’m not perfect and I truly admit that I have made mistakes.

I know that each of us have different views when it comes to relationships. At my age, 26, I feel more drawn toliving with someone, building a family. I honestly don’t prefer being in a dating situation but It’s what I have right now. It’s not because we’re not ready to live together but more because he doesn’t feel his situation is stable. Most of my entire life the situation has been unstable, the answer is to know how to handle circumstances properly.

For my BF: I know one day you’ll be able to read this, I’m sorry if this will hurt you emotionally, I’m just being completely honestabout what I feel. And don’t get me wrong, I love you, I truly do!

There’s a lot of questions in my mind, like something is tightening in my head. It is my first time that I’ve been in a relationship where we never speak about the future. It only happens if I ask but it’s the same answer every time. It seems talking about the future is off-limits or it makes me feel like I am running around in a circle. I guess some people will accept that it’s normal to not have a conversation about it, but it’s important to me. I never thought about it when I was a teenager, I felt like my boyfriend is not my future husband, so we just went with life’s flow. Now, it’s different, every second counts. There’s a saying “You’ll never know if you’ll succeed if you don’t try”. That’s why I no longer believe in dating or long-term relationships. Lastly,I believe that in a relationship, you won’t truly know each other’s attitude unless you are both living under the same roof. Sigh! I’m thinking too much. I don’t really know what’s going on, makes me feel like I don’t know myself anymore.

7.29.14 2:20pm

Welcome 2013

Greetings! Welcome 2013… My year has ended and I may not have accomplished a lot of things in my life this past year, but I am thankful that I’m still here.

Oh… So where should I start? OMG! I know it’s been a while since I last posted something on my blog. It’s not because I’m too lazy to type, more because there are some burdens that happened that I cannot share. I’m not used to posting anything on my wall when it comes to personal problems in my life. I do not want to sound like I am “whining”.  I guess I don’t have the guts to become an aggressive person and be outspoken like that.

Every human being has their unique problems; we just need to know how to deal with them. Everything happens for a reason and I know that there’s always a solution. It may not be the best, but at least there is another step to go through.

I am very thankful to experience a physical job again; I work as a Cashier in a medium-class bar in Quezon City. It is owned by one of my former bosses from a previous job.  It is very awesome to work with him again, and especially to be able to work physically. I’ve been working home-based since 2010 and it’s very difficult to adjust, especially since it’s a new field. I had never experienced work as a cashier before, it was tough at first and some waiters tried to rush me.

Another problem that came up was that I thought having 2 jobs would help me to solve some of my financial issues. At first it did, but since the schedules are in conflict with my other job, I end up only getting 2 hours of sleep or less, or sometimes a few minutes of nap only. I was starting to experience some numbers not working in my brain anymore. I felt empty while computing, like I was floating in the air. That time, I realized that I don’t get good results, even though I love math. I finally realized that the lack of sleep will lead you to have an empty mind.

One of the people that I owe so much of an apology to is my manager. He may not be able to read this, but I wanted to say sorry to him for being late and asking for too many favors. I didn’t expect that December 2012 would be such a busy month for me, busier than last year.

The other thing that happened is my eyes got infected and they dried up. Even up to now they are still the same but not as bad as last time. I thought I only had sore eyes, but it turned out it was more than that. My eyes have an infection and I need to use some antibiotics and artificial tears.

This is what it looked like.

bad eyes

Don’t worry it doesn’t look like that anymore =] I thought that I might go blind Hahaha!

I think that’s it for now, I’ll share some new stuff as soon as I can. =)