Jayden – Battling stage 4 braintumor

Children – they are a gift from above. Their innocence as a child makes their parents joyous and proud. Kids are also a key to removing stress. Childhood memories are times that parents remember most. Parents will do almost anything to make their children feel happy and secure.

Sometimes, life isn’t perfect. No matter how loving a parent is, there are always struggles. A life can be taken at any minute of any day. One family in the United Kingdom gave so much love to their precious son. But one day, without and warning or symptoms, their child Jayden was dignosed by Neuro Brain Specialists with a grade 4 brain stem tumor. Together they are facing a battle and hoping for a miracle. At the moment, Jayden is only 5 years old and has been given 1 short year to live.


His dad is a professional Parkour and Free Running Acrobatic performer. At Jayden’s 5th birthday, his father surprised him by wearing a Spiderman costume. The precious smile Jayden displayed after seeing Spidernan, his favorite superhero, demonstrates how overwhelmingly happy his parents are that they can bring him happiness during this life-threatening ordeal.


Watch the Amazing SpiderDad suprising Jayden during his 5th birthday:

Let’s show our support and bring a miracle to Jayden!

Hope for Jayden’s FB Page


Lauren O`Brien – Impressions of movie stars stuck in Traffic :)

Do you have any idea what movie stars are like when they’re stuck in rush-hour? If you don’t, then watch this video clip of a lady and her impressions of 14 celebrities stuck in traffic.

List of impressions: Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara, Lois Griffin, Olsen Twins, Katie Holmes, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Stewart, Lena Dunham, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie.

Fish – fly for up to 45 seconds out of water

A fish can fly for up to 45 seconds out of water? Yes! That’s true! Many of you might have already seen this but I love to share it.

So many people are asking the question, “Can you have a fish out of water?” The answer is yes and there’s a lot of species of fish that can breath air and crawl over land. This one that I’m about to share is very amazing and one of a kind.


Have you seen flying fish that can spend 45 seconds in flight? If you don’t then this one will surprise you. These Flying fish have wing-like fins that enable gliding flight. They can fly around 160ft and cover distances up to 1,300ft. They are able to travel at 70 km/hour with a maximum altitude of 20 ft. above the surface of the sea.

When they know that they are in danger, they use their flying skills to evade predators.

Watch this video:

Here’s the clip of the 45 second flight of a flying fish:

I hope I get to see this amazing creature one day!

League of Legends – Share-a-coke!

League of Legends – Share-a-coke!

Oh no!!! Look what I’ve found! In our country, we only have the original name written on Coca-Cola products, but these are awesome! I hope that Garena [the publisher of LoL in PH] will soon be in partnership in the Coca-cola distributor here in PH and make these available for us to own!

share a coke with league of legendsI’m going to collect all of them!!! ❤

Source: http://www.gamezone.com/news/riot-games-partnership-lets-you-share-a-coke-with-league-of-legends-champions

League of Legends – My first MOBA game!

I’ve never been a fan of MOBA games until I learned about League of Legends. I started the game without any ideas, never having read of any reviews or guides.

I remember my older brother and nephew playing it last year. A few months later after my guild and I quit Forbidden Kingdom Online – an MMORPG – I heard that many members, including my boyfriend, are playing LoL (League of Legends). I had no idea on how to play it, they told me that it looks like DotA, however I had never played DotA before either.

I started playing in August of last year. After a month and half, I had my first PentaKill. Before the 3rd season ended, I did my provisionary and achieved the Silver Division. Sometimes playing, especially in PH servers, makes me stressed out. So many players will mess around if someone TT’s (trash talks) them, and others will intentionally feed other players by dying on purpose (this makes the enemy heroes stronger). So usually when it happens, most of us think they are kids playing in an Internet Cafe. You’ll read a message something like, “tulog na mga bata my pasok pa bukas” (go to sleep kids, you have school tomorrow), “noob” and more…

I’m so addicted with LoL and I wanted a Teemo Hat. Finally they are selling it at an unofficial event that is sponsored and hosted at UP Diliman. I went there with my boyfriend and we bought few t-shirts and of course, my teemo hat. I got them in November of last year.

teemohat tshirts

LoL T-shirts

Wearing my Teemo hat

Wearing my Teemo hat

In PH servers, usually players are playing on Summoner’s Rift > Normal Blind Pick > Ranked Solo/Duo. I heard players in other countries prefer ARAM. I tried it but I ended up waiting more than 30 minutes and still the game hadn’t started.

I’m still active in game and now Season 4 just ended. I’m currently at Platinum V and still enjoying the game. The only problem is, the graphics detail keep increasing and i dont know if my laptop will be able to keep up!

Introducing the PisoFan :)

My brother and I were testing this machine to use for his Pisonet dekstop computers. It’s not really for our electricfan. 😛

Usually we use these types of machines for arcade games right?


But few years ago, internet cafe’s started to use Pisonet machines, a very affordable way for players or people who don’t have enough money to pay the full computer rental cost.


With PisoNet, people spend 1 peso which gives them 5 minutes of surfing or playing. Affordable isn’t it? The CPU stays on, the Pisonet machine only turns off the monitor from the computer.

Alisah Bonaobra – viral girl passes blind Audition on The Voice of the Philippines!

Do you remember the girl with the talented voice who went viral few months ago?


A guy from Denmark took the video and uploaded it on youtube. The guy isn’t really as good with his English spelling as his wife stated on their video, so please avoid trolling his typographical errors XD

Here’s the video of Alisah Bonaobra singing “Let It Go” at Robinson’s Manila:

Yesterday, she tried her luck singing in The Voice Philippines, Season 2. She really has a great voice and can twist it from one genre to another. Just like her version of Let it go vs the song that she used for her audition on The Voice.

Alisah Bonaobra sings Domino

Wish her luck on her journey!

An awesome conversation with her mom
Yssa: Ma, kapag ako talaga naging mayaman, bibili ako ng sarili nating bahay gagayahin ko ang ginagawa ni Cesar Millan. Magooccupy ako ng isang malaking malaking malaking lote at doon ko papatirahin ang kawawang mga aso’t pusa na inabandona. Papasayahin ko sila dun!! (Ma, if I become rich, I’ll buy our own house and do what Cesar Millan did. I’ll occupy a very big lot and I will adopt the dogs and cats that were abandoned. I will make them happy).
Mama Luz: ‘Wag ka na humanap ng ibang lugar! Kahit magstay na sila kasama natin kapag nakabili na tayo ng malaking bahay! (Don’t find a new place! We can all stay together if we buy a big house!)
Yssa: Sa parang backyard ma? (In a place like the backyard mother?)
Mama Luz: Oo! Gusto ko kasama natin sila. Kahit ilan pa!! (Yes, I want us to live with them. No matter how many!)
— Haaay! Dahil sa sinabing ito ni Mama Luzviminda, lalo akong naeeager na magkaroon kami ng MALAKING MALAKING bahay!” (Hayyy! Because of what Mama Luzviminda said, I am more eager to have our own big house!)

You can follow her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlisahLuzBonaobra22