Happy Independence Day America

Days run so fast. If there are only magical spells that let me write all of the things I want to say, then it would be easier to update my blog.

    I would like to greet all Americans out there with a very Happy Happy Fourth of July.

Before I slept last night, I was able to watch Eagle Eye. It was a nice film and I must say that I watched it at the right time. I don’t even know what the movie is all about, and then I realized it was a movie about Terrorism against United States. And some innocent people had been involved-activated to do what the mysterious girl on the phone asked for and tried to survive just to protect their love ones and the people of the United States as well.

Here’s the Trailer of the Movie, it was release last 2008.

Plot Outline: Eagle Eye is a race-against-time thriller starring Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Mackie and Billy Bob Thornton. Jerry Shaw (LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. Threatening their lives and family, she pushes Jerry and Rachel into a series of increasingly dangerous situations using the technology of everyday life to track and control their every move. As the situation escalates, these two ordinary people become the countrys most wanted fugitives, who must work together to discover what is really happening and more importantly, why. Source: http://www.facebook.com/eagleeye

If everyone thinks that the 4th of July is only celebrated in real, it’s not. GameSamba, which is a game publisher of Realms Online (http://realmsonline.gamesamba.com/) celebrates their Dawn of Freedom 4th of July event.