Asda Story Game Review

Asda Story Europe
Close Beta Date: September 17, 2009
Open Beta Date: October 20, 2009
Developer: MaxOnSoft
Publisher: Play Media Group
Game Payment: Free
Status: Open Beta
Genre: 3D Fantasy

Asda Story is a free to play mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with an item mall system. Asda Story is a word which means “topsy-turvy”. “Topsy-turvy” is a musical drama film in 1999 from United Kingdom in Europe. Asda Story is originally from Korea and Japan, called: “Micmac Online”. Then last August 5, 2008 it was published in USA Server by After a year, publish ASDA Story in Europe.


Minimum Requirement
CPU : Pentium3 1Ghz or greater
Main Memory : 256 or greater
Graphic Card : nVidia Geforce2 MX or greater ATI Radeon 7500 or greater
Video Memory : 32MB or greater

Recommended Requirement
CPU : Pentium3 1Ghz or greater
Main Memory : 512 or greater
Graphic Card : nVidia Geforce3 TI or greater ATI Radeon 9200 or greater
Video Memory : 364MB or greater


There are 3 classes in ASDA Story Online

Skill Trees:
Impenetrable Shield
Last Survivor

One Hand Sword

Two Hand Sword

Spear Type
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Skill Trees:
Hell Fire
Heavenly Light
Flooded Land

Skill Trees:
Dragon Slayer
Bloody Song
Soul of Master

Job class start at level 5, when you acquire the level 5 you can choose one of the 3 NPC’s in Alpen town with 3 different classes. Then, it’s your journey to choose what class you want for your character.

Unique System:

Unique System not only in ASDA Story but also among other mmorpg’s. I’m not sure if other MMORPG’s got this system. Soul Mate System is like you are finding for your partner in game. But who knows not only in game but also in real. Since other players finding for in-game relationship, ASDA Story is fitted for them. It is a party for two player’s continuously not unless if you broke up with them.

What’s good of having a SOUL MATE in ASDA?

Since it is a unique system, they got special benefits for those who got Soul Mate inside the game. You can gain different Emoticons and Skills. Before gaining all skills, you need to level up the Soul Mate. Also, if your soul mate is ON or log in, you can gain Experience points if you are near with him/her. Your Soul Mate can also have Experience points even if his/her is offline by using Soul stone, when your Soul Mate log in to the game again, he/she will earn the experience points.

When you broke up to your Soul Mate, your special benefits will lose and Soul Mate level will start to zero, however you can still get it if you go back with them. But remember that only 3 list of your previous Soul mate, if his not in the list anymore, you cannot gained the old Soul Mate level and skills.

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***image attach is Asda’s property

Quest System

Job Class Quest
To be able to completely change your class, you need to finish job class quest given by NPC. It is also the way to learn new skills in your character.

NPC Quest: (Scenario)
This quest helps new players to be familiar in the game. NPC gives various stories about the game. Their rewards are gold, experience points and other items. If you don’t want to hang out with monster’s whole day, you can do this quest. Beside, while doing this kind of quest, you gain experience and level too.
There are more other quest in ASDA Story but haven’t experience all yet, I’m still exploring the game and waiting for the Euro server to launch so all start to level 0.

Love to hunt bosses? This place is suited for you and for your party members. It isn’t easy to kill the monsters inside the Dungeons, better to have party member or else you won’t reach the Final Boss. What’s good in hunting inside the Dungeon? You can get good items that you cannot get in field outside towns.

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Faction War

Faction war is compromised of 3 different teams, Light, Darkness and Chaos, these three teams or factions go head to head to capture the most bases and kill the most people from opposite factions to get the most points at the end of the allotted time given to the War which is 30 minutes. The Most faction or team gaining the highest points will win however all players who participate faction war can also gets 50,000 experience points weather their team win or lose.

Posted Image
Here is the screen shot where you can see the Camp or bases of faction War, you need to occupy base or tower to gained points from team you belong too…
Light – Blue
Darkness – Red
Chaos – Green

*anyway thanks to Catastrophic for some information about faction war.

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Special Feature:
Asda Story also have digging or mining. You can dig anywhere outside the town, items you get in digging are the materials to craft gear or consumable things

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ASDA Story Europe CBT date

ATTENTION TO ALL GAMERS!!We are officially announce the Close Beta Test of ASDA Story Europe
The CBT period will start from 17th(Thursday) at 24.00 to 20th(Sunday) at 18.00 of September 2009, Finland Time Zone

How to register an account?
1.Go to
2.Click “Register New Account”
3.Sign-Up for CBT.

Register now and get a Free 50,000 Xcoins to spend inside the game

System Requirements of ASDA Story
Minimum Requirement
CPU : Pentium3 1Ghz or greater
Main Memory: 256 or greater
Graphic Card: nVidia Geforce2 MX or greater ATI Radeon 7500 or greater
Video Memory: 32MB or greater

Recommended Requirement
CPU: Pentium3 1Ghz or greater
Main Memory: 512 or greater
Graphic Card: nVidia Geforce3 TI or greater ATI Radeon 9200 or greater
Video Memory: 364MB or greater

We are looking forward for everyone to test and join us in the world of ASDA Story.
We are glad to hear your Feedbacks and Suggestions during our Close Beta Period.
It will help us to improve and develop our game.

Asda Story Team Europe


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