League of Legends – My first MOBA game!

I’ve never been a fan of MOBA games until I learned about League of Legends. I started the game without any ideas, never having read of any reviews or guides.

I remember my older brother and nephew playing it last year. A few months later after my guild and I quit Forbidden Kingdom Online – an MMORPG – I heard that many members, including my boyfriend, are playing LoL (League of Legends). I had no idea on how to play it, they told me that it looks like DotA, however I had never played DotA before either.

I started playing in August of last year. After a month and half, I had my first PentaKill. Before the 3rd season ended, I did my provisionary and achieved the Silver Division. Sometimes playing, especially in PH servers, makes me stressed out. So many players will mess around if someone TT’s (trash talks) them, and others will intentionally feed other players by dying on purpose (this makes the enemy heroes stronger). So usually when it happens, most of us think they are kids playing in an Internet Cafe. You’ll read a message something like, “tulog na mga bata my pasok pa bukas” (go to sleep kids, you have school tomorrow), “noob” and more…

I’m so addicted with LoL and I wanted a Teemo Hat. Finally they are selling it at an unofficial event that is sponsored and hosted at UP Diliman. I went there with my boyfriend and we bought few t-shirts and of course, my teemo hat. I got them in November of last year.

teemohat tshirts

LoL T-shirts

Wearing my Teemo hat

Wearing my Teemo hat

In PH servers, usually players are playing on Summoner’s Rift > Normal Blind Pick > Ranked Solo/Duo. I heard players in other countries prefer ARAM. I tried it but I ended up waiting more than 30 minutes and still the game hadn’t started.

I’m still active in game and now Season 4 just ended. I’m currently at Platinum V and still enjoying the game. The only problem is, the graphics detail keep increasing and i dont know if my laptop will be able to keep up!


My 2010 Christmas Experience!

I had so much fun spending my Christmas with family and friends. We had a little reunion and giving and receiving gifts to each other. What do I get this Christmas? It’s one of the most wonderful gifts I had;  a beautiful necklace with earrings. Neato!  Now I really look like a woman! LOL!

Here is an image of me wearing my new girly necklace:

So then, I’m planning to bring my family to go to a cinema but I don’t think I can make it, I had so many expenses on the last 15th of the month paying bills and taking care of other stuff. However, it’s not about how you can treat people, it’s about how we celebrate Christmas together. We had some Fruit Salad, Roasted Chicken, Spaghetti, etc., those are the normal feast foods that Filipinos prepare on holidays. I love our Fruit salad so much + the chocolate that Adam sent me. I think I will break my teeth soon.  I also met my best friend who’s busy at work and school at the same time.

Here’s me and mitch. (Good thing I catch up with her before she went to KFC, her current job)

The funny thing is, after I came home, I played my game again, dang! Rappelz at Christmas… LOL!(^_^)
Again, have a happy Christmas to everyone.