Happy Independence Day America

Days run so fast. If there are only magical spells that let me write all of the things I want to say, then it would be easier to update my blog.

    I would like to greet all Americans out there with a very Happy Happy Fourth of July.

Before I slept last night, I was able to watch Eagle Eye. It was a nice film and I must say that I watched it at the right time. I don’t even know what the movie is all about, and then I realized it was a movie about Terrorism against United States. And some innocent people had been involved-activated to do what the mysterious girl on the phone asked for and tried to survive just to protect their love ones and the people of the United States as well.

Here’s the Trailer of the Movie, it was release last 2008.

Plot Outline: Eagle Eye is a race-against-time thriller starring Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Mackie and Billy Bob Thornton. Jerry Shaw (LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. Threatening their lives and family, she pushes Jerry and Rachel into a series of increasingly dangerous situations using the technology of everyday life to track and control their every move. As the situation escalates, these two ordinary people become the countrys most wanted fugitives, who must work together to discover what is really happening and more importantly, why. Source: http://www.facebook.com/eagleeye

If everyone thinks that the 4th of July is only celebrated in real, it’s not. GameSamba, which is a game publisher of Realms Online (http://realmsonline.gamesamba.com/) celebrates their Dawn of Freedom 4th of July event.

EGiPlay 2010 @ Starmall, Edsa – September 4, 2010

Yesterday, September 4, 2010 I went to EGi Play 2010 at Starmall, Edsa – Philippines. Traveling almost 2 hours away from home through MRT and LRT Station to be part of the Rappelz Launch Party Event.


The event was well organized and everyone had a blast. I had a great time talking to the event organizer, however If they hadn’t run out of T-shirts before I got to the front of the line, it would have been a perfect outing T__T.







MMOGames News: http://mmogames.com/gamenews/2423/mmo-rappelz-launch-party-egiplay-2010-video-plus-pics/

To view more photos, click HERE!

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Dragonica Review


Close Beta Date: July 1, 2009
Open Beta Date: August 17, 2009
Commercial/Release:October 15, 2009
Developer: Barunson Interactive
Publisher: THQ*ICE
Game Payment: Free
Status: Release
Genre: 3D Fantasy Side Scroll

Dragonica is a free to play mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) 3D Side Scroll Fantasy. If you guys tried game such as MapleStory, Granchase its game movement is the same with Dragonica. Dragonica has easy interface and before you start playing the actual game there’s an instruction on how to play the game.

Side Scroll game?
It means you cannot rotate your character by 360 degrees


Minimum Requirement
CPU : Pentium3 800MHz or better
Main Memory : Higher than 256MB
Graphic Card : Geforce2 or better
Video Memory : 3D graphic card
Connection : 56k Internet Connection
HDD Space: 2 GB

Recommended Requirement
CPU : Pentium 4 2.4GHz or better
Main Memory : 1GB or higher
Graphic Card : GeForceFX 5700 or better
Video Memory : 3D graphic card
Connection : Broadband Internet Connection
HDD Space: 2 GB or higher


There are 4 classes in Dragonica

Posted Imagethey are same as Knight. Same as usual, they serve as the melee character in game.

Sub Class:
Warrior > Gladiator > Paladin
Warrior > Gladiator > Myrmidon

Posted Image are same with Mage in other game. DD (Damage Dealer) and Healer Type

Sub Class:
Magician > Acolyte > Priest
Magician > Wizard > Archmage

Posted ImageLong Range Physical Attack

Sub Class:
Archer > Hunter > Trapper
Archer > Ranger > Sniper

Posted Image They got skills like Burrow the ability to stealth and got access to special ability most likely magician

Sub Class:
Thief > Assassin >Ninja
Thief > Jester > Harlequin

You can start changing Sub Classes at Level 20

The Game has a very easy controls using the arrow key and other default shortkey from your keyboard, if you wish to change the short cut key, you can change it in the option.

Character Creation
Log in your account and choose server…

Then click create button..

Resized to 74% (was 1024 x 768) – Click image to enlargePosted Image

Then customize your character regardless on class (warrior, archer, magician, thief), and other character feature.

Resized to 74% (was 1024 x 768) – Click image to enlargePosted Image

Then, after finishing to create your character, you can log in to the game by pressing Begin..

Resized to 74% (was 1024 x 768) – Click image to enlargePosted Image
Resized to 74% (was 1024 x 768) – Click image to enlargePosted Image

As shown in last screen shot from my character creation above, you can see that it has a good 3D Graphics. And it beat up MapleStory and LaTale’s graphics.

Character Status Points
Status (Vitality, Intelligence , Agility, Strength) is automatically distributed, however you need to distribute skill points on your class tree.

Game Play and Combat
Every controls run smooth, i never experience lag. Their combat is nice too, however the cons is it’s like an old arcade game the the great thing is to become one of the best on how to spam skills while doing pvp, pve and others using your finger. It’s like playing in a gameboy, you can beat your opponent if you are faster

Special Feature
As for me, i find it cool when Dragonica has a Cooking feature. You can loot recipe from monster. Each recipe has instruction on how to prepare food and what are the ingredients needed. Upon cooking, you can create special consumable items that can serve as your healing potion which you can you use in the battle.

Posted ImageDragonica also has a Pet System, you can trained and raise your bet. As soon as your pet is trained, it can help during your battle.

My experience in first day of CBT in AsdaStory Europe

Foxxgames.com published the Europe server of Asda Story Online, they launch the Close beta test last September 17, 2009. And from their first day i really feel the difference of this beta test than other games. Not to mention what are the other games i played during the Close Beta.

While testing the game, I feel the Great Community inside the game. What its difference is the support or GMs are very different. They are good in assisting players and have good communication upon helping newbies like me. Some may think it is only because its Close Beta but as what I mentioned I become a beta tester in other games too.

I love games with great Community.

Anyway, this is their video from the very first day of their Close Beta Test: www.youtube.com/watch

Here is my screenshot during CBT:

I got the 17th rank before the CBT ends =)

Asda Screenshot during the 2nd day of Beta test:

more ss here: www.foxxgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php

Tourist Guide Part V

Before I continue my blog as tourist guide, I’d like to share my experience for today 🙂 I was watching academy league when WYD global announce that the Where Am I event will be held after the Academy League Battle. I joined in Where AM i Event and I won at CM Dhar’s last clue.

Here’s our shot when I’m searching for Merc Zakum.

Me and CM Dhar.

CM Dhar is very handsome with his white hair and i don’t know how old he is. Anyway, i like his cape and  weapon but most of all I like my pig O.o.. My very cutie Piggy !!!

Anyway guys, before I forgot.. this is the whole Map of Armia Town 🙂

and this is the labeled of Armia town..

For detailed Image, click here Armia Town

take note that number 22 NPC is not Kibita, it is NPC Civil Deligate and number 5 which is Mileage Trader doesn’t exist in Armia Town..

Lastly,  NPC AbilityMaster restore 100 points in every stat
for every 10 sapphires. In site it says that you need 30 sapphires, its fake!. 🙂

I’m very busy right now and this is my blog for today..

to be continued…

Tourist Guide Part IV

Welcome back to my blog. Let’s meet other people in Erion town.

Me and NPC Ehre

NPC Ehre helps players to change their soul type by placing the jewels in correct order. Take note guys that when you placed the jewels in the wrong place, or order, all jewels will disappear and the soul type will not change.

These are the correct order or sequence in changing the soul type of your character when talking to NPC Ehre.

This are the jewels needed when changing the soul type of your character.

NPC Ehre also help players to make a mystery stone for the character soul class. You need 2 runes and 10 packs of Laktorerium powders to create mystery stone and talk to NPC Ehre. Image below show’s how to put the runes and the laktorerium in the correct order.

This is the image of Mystery Stone.

Mystery stone is used to twist your character between Celestial God and your soul character. When you right click the Mystery stone in your inventory while you are in your main character you will turn to your Soul character and vice versa.

What’s good in having a soul character?

When your main character’s level up (Celestial Character), your sub character has additional benefit (soul character), so if both characters level up (celestial and soul character) the more the character will be strong.

Neptus, Reimers, Me, Ropelion and Luvian

NPC Neptus – He is the NPC which is selling newbie set of Foema Armor

NPC Reimers – He is the NPC which is selling newbie set of BeastMaster Armor

NPC Ropelion – He is the NPC which is selling newbie set of Transknight Armor

NPC Luvian – He is the NPC which is selling newbie set of Hunter Armor

Anyway guys before I introduce the remaining NPC’s in Erion, I would like to Introduce this two first that I forgot to introduce when I was in Armia town … hehehe ;p

Me and NPC Balmus

If you want to know how much is the tax in Armia town? Just talk to NPC Balmus and he will inform you how much is the current tax in Armia town. He is located in front pk armia arena in Armia Town

Me and NPC Martin

NPC Martin is just like the other NPC’s in Armia like Aki, he sells pots, fire crackers. I bought fire crackers when my friends or other people won in the battle for their victory… like Academy League and other events.

to be continued with the remaining NPC’s in  Erion town 🙂

Tourist Guide Part III

It has been said that every one of us, have the challenge to face our trials in life, every one of us have our own key for successful life. How can we compare our self in games which are we playing? Do you believe that our characters reflect our real character in life? For me, yes! When I started to play other mmorpg, even before WYD global, all my character reflects my self. Whenever I spoke to other player/s, its also same in real life.

What’s the difference of WYD global in other mmmorpg?

*One, it is global or all over the world. We can face the fact that we can different players and make friends globally.

*Two, it has an auto bot system which enable player to afk while hunting. We can do anything while our character is on Auto-bot mode.

*Three, we encounter different people, different player, languages, and sometimes we also use their expression 🙂 that’s really good!

*Last thing –  I love every single day I am playing WYD global.

This is my contribution to WYD global which help new players to know all the NPC’s in town. Hope you enjoy my blog guys 🙂

The continuation of Tourist Guide in WYD global 🙂

Welcome to Erion Town

Me and NPC Farche

She is the NPC which sells hunting scrolls, warriors seal, pots, pig egg, pig essence, pig feed, silver flash- item to change silver angel while wearing red angel, secret medicine of courage and recall scroll. Farche is kind for helping us to gained fame points when using warriors seal.

Me and NPC Emphis

Do you want to know how much is the tax in Erion town? If yes, just talk to NPC Emphis and he will tell you the answer on how much is the current tax in Erion town.

Me, NPC Nell and NPC Cargo Guard.

Every town has its own Cargo Guard and Nell to help players to keep their inventory when it is full. Also with NPC Nell, so that all players whenever they go, they can purchase special item through NPC Nell using wydcoins and bonus coins.

Mount Captor and Me

What’s up with Mr. Mount Captor? I thought it is the father of Card Captor Sakura! 🙂 Joke! NPC Mount Captor sells lots of mount’s feed and transformation letter.

Transformation Letter- enables player to transform into monster like gremlin, boar, carbuncle, orc troop and many more. If you want to return in normal mode, there is also a transformation letter to return in your character to normal.

to be continued…

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this one is when I am wearing my uniform every weekdays. Monday to Friday 🙂

and this one is my uniform every weekends…

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CM Aruman

CM Dhar

CM Tonberry

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