EGiPlay 2010 @ Starmall, Edsa – September 4, 2010

Yesterday, September 4, 2010 I went to EGi Play 2010 at Starmall, Edsa – Philippines. Traveling almost 2 hours away from home through MRT and LRT Station to be part of the Rappelz Launch Party Event.


The event was well organized and everyone had a blast. I had a great time talking to the event organizer, however If they hadn’t run out of T-shirts before I got to the front of the line, it would have been a perfect outing T__T.







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Why boys love to create female character?

Some of the MALE MMO players are using a female character while playing on the game. WHY? Here are some information why male or man love female character


1st – Because if you use female character, it is easy for you to get help to others.

2nd – If you use female character, and you are asking for some items in game, they will help you

3rd – You are girl in disguise (gay)

4th – You got a pervert mind. Cause other MMO’s got nude female character

5th – It is easy for you to dress the female character than to male character

6th – Easy to trust

7th – To level up your Girl friend’s account (^_^)

8th – To fool someone and let him fall in love with yah

9th – 100% you are using someone to SCAM their items or account

10th – Most boy’s doesnt want to stare at their male characters ass for a long period of time. so thats why they create a female character¬† by DogBeating

11th – I usually only make a girl character for an alt just for fun. by Rosato

12th – You cannot choose gender because game has default gender in every classes



This is base in-game reality. Don’t deny it BOYS! (^_^) It’s true. There are good and bad reasons and for those who are doing this for bad purpose, there is always a feedback! Men, be aware of someone you are helping with.


Do not trust too much unless you know the person in real life. But still, even if you know him/her trusting too much is the worst trait. But, I do trust too. To Lie is not a key to success. To hide identity is not to protect your self, what are you afraid off if you done nothing wrong? besides, you gained nothing upon telling a lie.


Don’t ever give your account information to anyone if you don’t want headache upon getting your items back. Remember, some support section in game will reply after decades

and there are 2 possibilities when asking to get your items back

-you cannot get your items back. Congratulation!


-you can get it after decades (^_____^)


Thank’s for reading, Anyway if you have any add-ON’s I can edit this article. Add-ONs about “what else are the reasong WHY¬†BOYS LOVE¬†TO¬†CREATE¬†FEMALE¬†CHARACTER…


My experience in first day of CBT in AsdaStory Europe published the Europe server of Asda Story Online, they launch the Close beta test last September 17, 2009. And from their first day i really feel the difference of this beta test than other games. Not to mention what are the other games i played during the Close Beta.

While testing the game, I feel the Great Community inside the game. What its difference is the support or GMs are very different. They are good in assisting players and have good communication upon helping newbies like me. Some may think it is only because its Close Beta but as what I mentioned I become a beta tester in other games too.

I love games with great Community.

Anyway, this is their video from the very first day of their Close Beta Test:

Here is my screenshot during CBT:

I got the 17th rank before the CBT ends =)

Asda Screenshot during the 2nd day of Beta test:

more ss here: