A Journey to a new chapter of my life

It’s been my dream to visit United States of America, a very powerful country with so many high technologies. However, I don’t have opportunity to visit USA, I don’t have any relatives living there, and I’ve known friends but only because of my work. Sometimes I am so jealous with other Filipino’s, asking myself why I belong to normal family. But, I know that if there is no poor and everyone is Social Climber, then the world will be imbalanced which causes terrorism. There is no perfection in each country and we all know that every country has its own flaws. I’ve been wishing for a day to come to visit the U.S.A.

Opportunity – Do you still believe that God listens? I prayed one day to give me one chance, just one chance to visit this country and then God leads the way. I’ve met people in a Gaming Company, and the latest Company wants to contract me, my business. I recently made my own business of marketing + photography. I know I don’t have much knowledge taking pictures. But, it’s not the editing of photos that makes you professional; it’s the image that you’ve captured by heart. The new company that I am in right now would love me to visit their offices and have training for a short period of time and of course they will be the one who sponsor me and take care of my expenses.

Challenges – Currently, I am going to face one of the biggest challenges in my life. I know for some people, it will be easy for them to get an interview by a Consular in the United States Embassy, not for me. By May 13th, I will have my interview to one of the Consular in the US Embassy, Manila. Some people might wonder why I choose the date of my birth day, my answer is it’s because it is Friday the 13th, everyone believes that it’s bad luck. If I pass, then it means that it’s a very good luck to start a journey to a new beginning.

image credit to: http://www.stmarksstc.org/

PS: On my next blog I will share how I process my application via online without any hassle until the day of scheduling an appointment.