Hostage taking @ Quirino Grandstand – August 23, 2010

Hostage Taking @ Quirino Grandstand

What happened?

Former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, reportedly committed a terrorist act by taking 25 hostages who were Chinese/Hongkong Nationals including the Filipino Driver and Photographer.

According to the victims, Mendoza asked if he can board the Tourist Bus at the Intramuros. He’s wearing a navy suit with his gun (So who wouldn’t let him in? That’s how Filipinos respect a stranger wearing a navy suit?)

asdadsadsa.jpg picture by thyrene
Rolando Mendoza (Image credit here)

When the bus reached Rizal Park, near the stage where President Noynoy Aquino took his oath last June 30, 2010, he incredibly declared that he was taking the Bus Hostage with his M-16 and 45 Caliber Pistols.

Who was Rolando Mendoza? He was a former Policeman with a good record, considered as one of the most outstanding Police officers in the late 1990’s and served the government for 20 years. However, a guy named Christian Kalaw filed a case against Mendoza including 4 other police officers related to robbery extortion. In late 2009, Mendoza had been removed from his position because of this extortion incident.

The Hostage situation started around 10:00am, August 23, 2010. Towards the afternoon, a few hostages had been released. Mendoza asked a reporter to become his negotiator but the Police Officers wouldn’t let the media come near the Bus just lik the civilians.

Mendoza’s wife and daughter went to the place where the Hostage taking was happening and asked the Police officers if they can go to the Bus and talk to Mendoza, but again the Police officers won’t let them.

Mendoza is asking for a result from the Ombudsman, “I want a decision on my case to be delivered by the following people,” according to a former partner and co-policeman, Mendoza was a nice guy and good at his job and because of losing his position, it lead him to perform this hostage takeover of a Tourist bus, in order to send his message to everyone and clear his name once and for all.

Eventually, the Driver escaped, and he told everyone outside that all Hostages were dead!

Around 8:30pm, tear gas had been released inside the Bus and then continuous gun shots rang out. 1 Civilian near the area was accidentally hit by a bullet on his leg.

A few minutes later, a sniper gun shoots Mendoza – dead!

All of the hostages are brought outside one by one, but unfortunately most are dead bodies.

One of the Hostage Victims who survived.

There are 6 Victims brought to Manila Hospital who were still reported alive, but according to the Dr., 2 Victims are dead upon arrival.

Outside the hostage taking, after the suspect was shot, civilians mass around the crime scene
In my opinion, the police screwed up by firing their weapons before they knew that the gunman was dead. So many people died because of their mistake, but we will probably never know exactly how many or will justice really be served.
Recreated Video of Hostage Bus Drama in the Philippines, Manila
Let’s pray for the people who died because of this incident and hope that they will get their peaceful mind with Gods embrace.

President NoyNoy Aquino Inauguration (Behind-the-scenes)

Hello everyone ^_^

Melanie “Thyrene” Paz here, on the scene of Rizal Park, where the Quirino Grandstand hosts the inauguration of this countries new President.

Because I love our great country, I traveled through rain and bad weather, along with my Cameraman sidekick brother “Myles” Paz (Images that include me are taken by him). I wanted to give everyone an inside look at the preparation for this pivotal event in our countries history.

Benigno Aquino III will be sworn in as President on these very grounds, truly an inspiring event for every Filipino to behold.

I met some really nice staff and professionals who were preparing for the Inaugural event, including film crews. They were very nice and let me take some behind-the-scenes photos of them setting up.

The people in charge of the main stage area were very considerate, and let me take pics of the places where our new President will take an oath in person.

It was so exciting and amazing to be standing on the very stage, a day before Benigno Aquino III is sworn in as the new President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Location: Quirino Grandstand, Manila Philippines
Date: June 29, 2010

The main stage area

Another angle of the stage

Official Logo of the Republic of the Philippines

Official Logo of the Republic of the Philippines

Official Logo of the Republic of the Philippines

Flowers at the base of the stage

A/V, Electrical and Lighting infrastructure

The Manila Hotel

The Quirino Grandstand

The Quirino Grandstand

Philippine flag (our flag) @ the top of the stage

Production Crew @ work – rain or shine

Wide distance shot of spectator area

Sea of chairs for V.I.P. audience

Actual main stage area

Close-up of official stage

A/V mechanical arm/production piece

Production crew vehicle

Wide distance shot of inauguration scene

Very wide distance shot of inauguration scene

ABS-CBN Production Crew

Cameraman @ ABS-CBN (Mr. Caezar Areanne)

Me and the production crew at the main stage area

Me and the Official logo of the Republic of the Philippines

I had a great time taking photos and I hope everyone enjoys them!

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