Playstation 4 Commercial – The Doctor

Do you guys remember this recent Ad from Sony Europe? She’s a sexy doctor who’s talking about the PS4. In the video, she states the following:

“I know you’ve already done it today, and I bet you really enjoyed yourself. How many times did you do it yesterday? Are you afraid you’re doing it too often? In your bedroom under the blankets or perhaps you prefer the kitchen or the toilet or do you like it out in the garden? You know what? You no longer have to feel ashamed, everybody’s doing it because it’s fantastic and now you can keep going all day long. Don’t you like that? You don’t even need to stop. And if you want to, you can even join me!” – PS VITA REMOTE PLAY never STOP PLAYING.

You can watch the video here:

After receiving a lot of complaints and comments, Sony took down “The Doctor” ad last week. However, they haven’t said anything yet as to why they removed it from the EU Youtube channel. If there isn’t a video, you may actually think she’s talking about male masterbation. She has a very seductive voice. I wonder if other male players out there use her voice in their fantasies.

the doctor ps4 ad

The ad isn’t really as bad as some people think. It’s just nowadays, people are very narrow-minded or conservative. However, that is also the point of doing this ad – to get attention and at the same time to promote their flagship PS4.